Seeing Through The Eyes of Peace (Guest Blog)

I met Sheryl Hinds at dinner one night when I was going to the Deva Premal/Miten concert. We connected through the brilliance of our mutual friend Judy Atkinson and recognized kindred spirits in eachother.

And then, Sheryl created the Chroning Ceremony which I wrote about a few weeks ago. What a gift she is to the world.

Today, Sheryl shares her gifts with us here as the Sunday Guest Blogger. Thank you Sheryl. Your light illuminates beauty all around.

Seeing Through The Eyes of Peace

by Sheryl Hinds
I grew up in the Armed Forces and travelled within Canada, from base to base, until my Dad left the forces after 10 years of service.  From being an infant to 10 years old, I lived through all those years of impending doom and World War 3 happening any moment.  We even had the air raid sirens to prove it!  When those sirens blasted we all ran for cover, waiting for the enemy to engage us in battle.  And the fear we all felt as we huddled in silence was palpable.  When the sirens stopped, we breathed a huge sigh of relief, and it was back to life as usual.  Except, the idea stayed that we could be obliterated by the enemy at any time.  We wore that hat of fear.   

Now, as I look out at the world and see what is happening all around us, I have come to realize that war is indeed upon us.  However, it is not “out there”.  Our enemy is judgement and entitlement.  The face of terrorism is within.

There is terrorism closer to home.  On the Internet and Facebook.  In our schools.  Family violence and abuse.  Children are taking their lives due to bullying and hopelessness.  And the “gloomers and doomers” would have us believe the end of the world is near.

But hope is near instead.  The enlightened ones join the rising number of voices calling for justice and our prayers to be answered, in peace.   

As hopeless as it may look and feel sometimes, as we are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of victims, we must see through the eyes of peace more now than ever.  We must rise above fear, hang on to faith and believe in a good and just world.  We cannot lose sight of all the beauty there is all around us, and most importantly, within us.  We cannot give up on any one of us, anywhere, as a lost cause.

The only weapon we have that is freely at our disposal, is love.  It is the greatest weapon of all!  We must be brave enough to look beyond terrorism and focus on the victims finding the love within.  The more we focus on love, the more love there is.  Literally. The effects of love are palpable, synchronistic and exponential, nothing short of miraculous.  It’s working!  People, the world over, loving themselves enough to stand up for themselves, their loved ones, their community and their country.  It’s spreading like a healing virus and it’s gone global!

Let’s choose to wear the hat of peace, and those rose coloured glasses of love.  It shapes us powerfully, profoundly.  It all begins with us. 


To find out more about Sheryl and her amazing work, please visit her website:   — her contact info is there as well.

8 thoughts on “Seeing Through The Eyes of Peace (Guest Blog)

  1. Is it the Marines who traditionally said, “Leave no (wo)man behind.”? It applies to peace as well, believing in peace, believing in each other, and encouraging love by giving it… Love this guest blog.


    • Absolutely Diana. It was Mother Theresa, when asked if she would join the march against war, that said she would never march against anything, however, if it was for the love of peace, it would be a different story.


  2. Absolute truth… powerful, beautiful, and yes… it really is that simple! Excellent post, thank you for sharing this inspirational post with us!


  3. I’ve known Sheryl for several years & if we lose touch & then our paths cross once again – we never miss a beat. We just pick up where we left off. I love that she is the warm, loving, caring, compassionate, funny true friend that anyone would put on the top rung of the ladder.


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