Open spaces make a difference

It begins with a comedy of errors. I take my laptop into an office where I’m doing some consulting to have it synced with the office systems, go to a meeting late in the day and the admin assistant, concerned for my laptops safety, locks it away.

When I return, she has left for the day (it was after five) and no one has the key to the cabinet where she’s locked it away. Not to worry I tell myself. I can use my iPad to write my blog in the morning. Using the keyboard is almost the same as working on my laptop, I convince myself.

Except, after five minutes, my keyboard dies. I go in search of batteries. Actually do find the package I bought awhile ago for emergencies just like this! Yes! I replace the batteries and begin to type.

Except, the keyboard keeps dying. After several attempts to get it to stay on, (what is it about doing the same thing again and again that is so appealing) I give into the inevitable, and somewhat frustrating process, of using the screen keyboard.

I begin to type. And WordPress keeps freezing. I type. Nothing happens. I refresh, it let’s me type a few words again before freezing up.


I keep typing determined I will teach WordPress a thing or two about being sensible and cooperative.

My temperature is rising and WordPress is oblivious to my dismay. Seriously, how can an inanimate object be soooo challenging and stubborn? It has its way with me until I remember I have the WordPress app on my IPad.


I am typing again but all the while I can feel my mood darkening. I can feel the voice of ‘hopeless despair’ revving up, set to take action and steel away my peace of mind.

Thoughts –of why me? What the…?– slither into the morning light of my thinking growing darker.


I will not let it happen.

I remember what someone said last night on the phone in class for the “Living an evolutionary life” course I’m participating in, “Thoughts think us more than we think our thoughts.”


So true.

Unless… I stay conscious. Unless I choose to be in the present moment with all my being, consciously choosing how I respond, react, stay accountable for my journey.


The universe is not out to get me this morning, it’s not against me. It’s not trying to teach me a lesson or even to trip me up.

The universe just is. The universe doesn’t “care”. It simply exists, evolving in ever expanding circles outward.

I am my reflection of my responses to the universe around me. What’s my ripple?

I’m the one who has the capacity to add meaning, or not, to events and circumstances. I’m the one who has the choice in how I respond.

Letting go of everything, I fall into nothing but the “all” that is everything.

In surrendering to “the all”, in letting go of the everything and the nothing, miracles unfold, magic happens, life awakens.

My mind would have me believe I awoke to a comedy of errors this morning.

It’s not true.

I awoke to the miracle of a day unfolding in awe. I awoke to the possibility of what is when I let go of believing all that I am is determined by my limiting belief that I have no choice in how I respond to the world around me.

I have infinite choice. The difference is in how I express myself.

No matter the circumstances, the weather or the times when I let go of holding onto to my thoughts, judgments, feelings about what is, or isn’t happening, I make space for anything, everything and nothing. And in that space of being open, miracles happen.

I awoke this morning and dark clouds gathered on the horizon. Letting go of peering into the darkness, my day awoke to the miracle of this moment unfolding in awe.

May your day be filled with wide open spaces where miracles happen all around.

Oh and WordPress… You can take your stubborn,uncooperative ways and shove them where…

Oh dear… Did I just slip?


And I begin again. Always begin again.

Have an inspired day.


16 thoughts on “Open spaces make a difference

  1. Louise,

    and it seems, just a few minutes ago … we wrote notes on pieces of paper (put them in my pocket) for follow up later in the day or tomorrow. There was was no internet, personal computer. Chargex was new. You could fill a car with groceries for $50. You could fill the tank for $5. It was 1972. I know that was 40 years ago, but it seemed like just yesterday. And, for your problem, try some slips of paper and a pen. But you’ll need a pocket to store/file them in.



  2. Isn’t it funny that we learn to cope with life’s big challenges and then stumble on the limitations of a writing device……
    Mind you…. there is nothing as frustrating as trying to type an post on a iPad. I have given up ant creativity on this supposed dream device many months ago. iPads and wordpress definitely do not mix.


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