Lessons from a warrior pup


 He has been with us 27 hours and already Beaumont the Warrior Pup is teaching many lessons.
Less than 12 pounds his fluffy black and white body lays still in my arms, his desire to get close, to lay right next to my heart, overriding any need to run free.  

And then, he finds something to explore and wanders off, each exploration taking him further and further from me, until, he reaches the limits of his comfort zone and returns to my side. Right now, he is lying on the grass at my feet, chewing on a slim rawhide the man at the pet store gave him when we went out on an adventure.

Beaumont is not happy in the back seat of the car. It’s too far from human connection, too alone and he has no qualms about voicing his disatisfaction.  The man at the pet store told me not to worry. Give him a few days and he’ll remember only your love. You’re the one he’ll get close to. Help him feel safe.

Good advice, for anyone. pup or human.

Lesson No 1. from the Warrior Pup: Get close. Climb into someone’s heart just by being you and stay close. Always. You gotta be close to those who love and support you to know the true value of love and all its safety.

Lesson No 2.  Expect nothing but love. Settle for nothing less and count on those who love you to keep you safe when you first venture out into new or unknown territory. They love you, they won’t let you down in Love.

Lesson No 3: Treasure every  small thing. See the delight in the smallest thing, from a leaf flying on the breeze stirring the grasses on the lawn to a flower drooping over the edge of a pot, to a dish of water sparkling in the sun on the deck. Take delight and treasure even the smallest things in life.

Less No 4:  Take lots of naps.  Life on the outside of your comfort zone can be tiring. Nap often. Nap next to your favourite person or with your belly pressed full out along the floor if you’re hot. But no matter what, nap often.

Tendered Arms (Canada Day)

OH Canada copy

by Louise Gallagher

White dove
riding high
trailing winds


wings folded
bearing arms
where angelic hosts
render peace
out of nothing


white wings folded
in hope
born of
nothing more
than air
moving through time

standing still

a breadth
of sky
into nothing
knowing nothing
more than

a belief

will come
when white doves
on windblown
and earth turns
in time
to find
bearing arms
of Love.