It’s a small, small world

img_0442The sun sets quickly so close to the equator. One moment, it hangs in the sky, a fiery red orb pulsating with purple and rose bruised edges streaking out across the edge where sky meets water and earth. And then in one long slow exhale, it slips into the envelope of time waiting to embrace it just beyond the horizon.

“Come here,” time whispers. “Bring your memories of this day spent in paradise by the sea and let me seal them with the sun’s fiery kisses.”

And as the sun kisses the day good-bye, the sliver of a moon appears. She is resting on her back holding the pregnant possibility of full moons yet to come in the dream-filled shadows of her round belly hiding in the velvety dark sky above her.

And all around, stars dance like “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” and night is born.

And the moon rises higher into the deepness of the dark as stories of starry, starry nights and other tales of wonder stream across the sky.

And the stars shimmer and cast their light into the night like fishermen flinging their nets into the water, hoping and dreaming for a bountiful catch.

We are the story-tellers, the dream-makers of this life on earth. We hold the possibilities of a new year dawning deep within the belly of our dreams yet to be told. Dreams of awe and wonder. Stories of grandeur and greatness.

And the old year slips away and a new year rises.

We celebrated the New Year last night. Said good-bye to the old as we sat around a flower adorned table and shared in a feast fit for kings and queens. Guillermo and his brother Carlos and the wonderful staff at Villas Fa-Sol had spent the day preparing the food with loving care and attention. Under the watchful eyes of Gerardo, Villas Fa-Sol’s Manager, they swept the floors and set the table for the twelve of us to dine as one big family.

C.C. and I were blessed to be included in the family circle. I had met Guillermo and his beautiful wife Roscio many years ago in Calgary when they arrived for the Stampede and awed everyone with the splendor of their Mexican ensembles complete with giant sombrero’s and embroidered shirts.

Last night, we dressed for the heat of Mexico. Flowing silks and linens. Bright colors and soft pastels.

Earlier in the day, C.C. and I took a taxi into town where he searched for a bar that had satellite TV, and, was willing to play the World Cup Junior Hockey game between Canada and the US.

It is a small, small world we live in.

img_0452As I went wandering the streets and visited the exquisite church at the edge of the plaza and found a lovely woman in a tiny little shop a few blocks away who could give me a manicure, C.C. sat at a bar filled with other Canadians wanting to see their team win. The winning part didn’t happen but for C.C. the big win came in the form of the father and son from Regina, Saskatchewan who sat with him. They know his younger brother, Michael, well. Play golf with him. In fact, the father is best-friend’s with Michael’s wife’s brother.

It’s a small, small world we live in.

Last night we laughed and ate and drank wine and danced late into the night. We twirled and spun as strangers became friends and old acquaintances grew deeper under the star lit canopy of the first night of 2017.

It was a night where memories were made and promises of the possibilities for a new year awoke in an explosion of fireworks bursting across the horizon.

It was a night where our differences dimmed beneath a starry sky as we shared in the things that bind us together. Friendship. Family. Good food. Wine. Laughter and song.

It didn’t matter if we could speak the same language. It didn’t matter if we could sing the words to the song, or dance to the same beat. There is only one language, one song, one beat to remember when friends and family gather around a table under a star studded sky.

It is a small, small world we live in when we share each moment in Love.


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