What is home?

I have started a series of art journal entries on the theme of “Home”.

It was inspired by my work in the homeless-serving sector where ‘What is Home?’ is a question that is asked everyday. It also stems from my passion to stand at the intersection of art and writing to explore my creative essence and how/where they intersect with the things I am passionate and curious about in life.

Creativity connects me to my essence; that divine space within each of us that speaks to who we are when fear, worry, habit, our pasts and our experiences do not interfere with our natural expression of who we are.  I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talking with guest Brene Brown in one of her Magic Lessons podcasts and Brene Brown said that before she started her shame research, and before she wrote The Gift of Imperfection, she would have said she was not creative. “I have a job.” Since researching shame, and how to live whole-heartedly, she has uncovered startling research that speaks to how many of us (in the research 56% of those she interviewed) were shamed as children about our creativity.

These are the first two paintings in the series. I have no idea how long the series will be, or where it will take me. The joy is in the exploration, the uncovering, the allowing what is calling out to be heard, and what is chasing me to appear, to be brought into the light of creative expression.

No matter where your story begins, it's never too late to begin again to create a new story.

No matter where your story begins, it’s never too late to begin again to create a new story.



Home is that place where no matter how bad your day, you always know you have somewhere to lay your head to dream of better days ahead.


9 thoughts on “What is home?

  1. home is, ‘wherever you are, there you are!’ … not sure who wrote that phrase. Home is too sadly and too often a Macaulay Culkin version – ‘home alone’ … and whether that is in a mansion on a fancy street or in a fridge carton in some empty park, alone is alone. The question is whether that along is by choice, chance or circumstance. Coping with ‘alone’ … well we’ll need Ms. Brown for help with that, and some pictures too to lead the way

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      • well … you and I can invite people over. Some people don’t have a place. Many people have a place, but don’t have the friends or the courage/desire/need to invite them over. While I know you work is with homeless people who don’t want to be homeless, I have a strong feeling that most people who are alone are suffering a self-inflicted situation … and maybe we can coax them toward to change …

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  2. At the moment I am living in a temporary situation, made very clear to me once I landed there that I cannot call this home. When I lived with my sister and brother-in-law, in a sense, I could not call that home either. And now I am challenged to find that place I would call home.

    What I have discovered so far is that it is not a thing. It is not a house, although a house can reflect that which I call home. While I am looking for that place I would call home it has brought to the surface all that I hold dear. I want to hang the things that reflect who I am on the walls. I want to listen to whatever music I choose at whatever loudness suits the mood. I want to walk casually from the bathroom to whatever area of the house in my nude. I want to watch whatever TV programs or movies I want. I want to eat whatever I want at whatever time. I want to spend howevermuch time writing without interruption and interference. I want a place that I can be inspired in.

    I am discovering that home is more than a roof over one’s head. It is a sense of feeling welcomed and embraced when I pass through the doors. It is the freedom to be who I am within those walls. It is an expression of all that I AM.

    Home absolutely reigns supreme in my heart. My home is my heart. And I can take that part of me wherever I go, however, it is a blessing to live in a home that reflects my spirit and to have a place for it to land in the physical world.

    Soon, so very soon, I will have that reflection.

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    • I admire your courage and your vulnerability in your comment Sheryl. I love what you are discovering — that ‘home is more than a roof — it’s is a sense of feeling welcomed and embraced.’


      I hope it is so very soon for you Sheryl that you find yourself at home, not just in your heart, but where ever you are too. Hugs ❤


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