Daily Intention: October 24 — take care of the earth

In small and big ways we can each do our part to take care of this planet which is our home.

I drive my car to work every day.

For several years I rode the C-train but with our new routines, I need to come home most days at noon to let Beaumont, the Sheepadoodle, out. I need my car. To do my part, I walk everywhere I can to meetings and will make a point of car-pooling with someone else if we’re going to the same place.

I eat meat and while I toy with vegetarianism, it’s not my choice.

What I do to play my part is to buy only ethically raised, local meats so that my footprint is kept as small as possible. Some may argue that’s not enough, but I like the idea of supporting our local ranchers and farmers. It’s my enough.

I take my own bags to the grocery store.

I recycle everything I possibly can and with our new Green Bin system, composting is a joy!

I purposefully try to buy products with minimal packaging or recycled papers.

I plant flowers every summer to attract bees and butterflies.

There are so many things each of us can do to take care of our world. What are some of the things you do?

6 thoughts on “Daily Intention: October 24 — take care of the earth

  1. We joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and each week we pick up a box of locally grown vegetables. It’s a great way to eat healthfully and support local small farms.

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