Time: Enemy or friend? What’s your POV?

Snow falls, settles to the ground. Time passes, settles into the past.

No matter the weather, or how many things I try to cram into any given moment, time keeps passing at its own pace.

I wonder some days where time has gone. Then I wake up to realize time hasn’t gone anywhere. I was just too busy getting done whatever needed getting done, running a race I hadn’t even noticed I was running, to see that time was always flowing at the same pace.

Time. Like the limit on my credit card, the closer I get to the deadline, the faster it appears to go.

Some days, it feels like lack of time is the prison-suit I wear to keep myself from being aware of what I’m really doing with my time.

I tell myself I’m too busy to work out. To go to the chiropractor or even the doctor.

Too busy.

And in my busyness, I quit being present to the moment right now as though my busyness will bring me to some unseen finish line where I will win the race I didn’t even realize I was running.

When I perceive that time is my enemy, my perception of time is out of whack! Big time.

In those moments, I have a choice. To breathe. To slow down. To cut back, pare back, realign my priorities so that my time is less chocker-block full of ‘must do’s‘ and more filled with ‘good to do’s’.

My choice how I spend my time.

Yesterday, I was feeling stressed. So much to do. So little time to do it in.

Is that true? Or am I lying to myself by telling myself my busyness is a measurement of my worth?

Today, I choose to sit back, breathe and relax. Today I take the pressure off and move into that time where the possibilities are limitless and I am inhibited only by my belief there is not enough time — I let it go. My point of view determines my outcome. If I take a negative perspective of time, I will never quit running that endless race of trying to beat time.

In breathing into this moment right now, I find a whole new point of view where I get to choose grace as my companion with time as my friend.

My time. My choice. My point of view.

The question is: What are you doing with your time? Are you rushing about running a race you didn’t know you were running? Or, are you choosing to flow with grace and its invitation to be present in this moment now?


12 thoughts on “Time: Enemy or friend? What’s your POV?

  1. here’s a point of view for you to consider:
    fretting about time is a distraction – nice theoretical conversation, but not full of practical solutions. Time is relentless. But time has no focus. That’s where we come in. Decide what is most important, that which must be done today, those things which we cannot fail to do … they are few, but essential. Do them. Then step back for a longer view – what will be important next month, next year, or ever …. those are the next priorities. The unimportant will fall by the wayside ..

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  2. Thanks for this, Louise … in the past 6 months, I’ve begun to train myself to slow down — even as I do mundane things like walking to an appointment or interview. I should know by now that I always leave extra time (hate being late) … so I have literally had to force myself to walk slower and look around. I’ve missed out on a lot, and now I’m trying to catch up. Slowly.

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