Weary and Content: It’s all in the same space

You know that space where you mind feels like a soggy mash and your body like a weary, deflated blow-up Santa after the holidays?

That’s me today.

The move is underway. After a mis-start yesterday morning where I thought a 9am meant start began at our house when what it really meant was, at the yard picking up the truck and supplies at 9 and at our house at 10, 3 lovely people descended upon our belongings and proceeded to pack them up. Thank you Cory, Vanessa and Brett from Family Strong Moving — you take the pain out of moving.

As the packers wrapped, C.C. and I loaded up our cars to take what we think we’ll need for the next 6 weeks to our temporary abode at Olympic Village. More gratitude for Nusrat and Olympic Suites! You added comfort and ease into relocating temporarily while the renovations of our new home get completed. Beaumont agrees. He’s got a ravine to explore right outside our patio doors and ample windows out of which he can watch the world go by. Marley is undecided. Change does not come easily to a 10 year old cat who likes two things, comfort and food, and does not take kindly to either being in short supply.

It was a long day but I kept reminding myself, Breathe and Be. Focus on the moment. On the task at hand. On what needs to get done right now.

And, other than my mini-panic attack when I feared the movers were not coming, when I took time to breathe into the moment to remember, now is not forever, the day went smoothly.

But remember the soggy mind and weary body?

Lugging suitcases and plastic tubs up 2 flights of stairs into our rented accommodation will do that to you. Realizing all the things you did need but didn’t bring will do it too. And though I took the day off yesterday to be fully present to the task at hand, there were still phone calls and emails and decisions to be made and documents to proof — Christmas is the busiest time of year at a family homeless shelter. Along with all the daily activities, the generosity factor gets amped up 100 fold as Calgarians step up their already impressive philanthropic game to super-sonic speed. Couple that with the fact that last week we had our annual Open House and next week we have the opening of a 10 unit apartment building for families exiting homelessness — well, you can see what I mean by the soggy mind.

Work. Move. Renovations. All exciting and filled with possibility. All requiring some sort of mental acuity.

Which brings me here, to this page.

If my weariness is seeping into my words, it’s because I am weary — in a good way — but weary nonetheless. And I am content. All in the same space.

When I stop the mind chatter about my weariness and breathe into the moment, when I still my racing mind to be present to the stillness, my heartbeat slows, my body quiets as I settle into the contentment of being here, now. In that shimmering liminal space, I know, no matter how much there is to get done, no matter what is going on, with gratitude as my constant companion and acceptance of what is as my guidepost, I am safe in Love’s embrace.

Always and forever.


7 thoughts on “Weary and Content: It’s all in the same space

  1. schlepping our possessions around – best at it when we were young – seems to be a never ending story; while I feel empathy for your weary-ness I can’t help thinking how fortunate you are. You have a new place to go and safe place to rest till then, you sold your house and bought the new one you want – you are able and living in bounty. Most of us are. Most of us are so fortunate. So many don’t have a place – temporary, interim or permanent – so many don’t have a car to load up or people or pets to share their joys. So many don’t have a hope of a place … something you know and write about so often.

    at this time of year it seems most of us could use reminders of just how fortunate we all are


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