About My Friend Jane

Let me tell you about my friend Jane.

She is one of those people you simply cannot help but like. No matter your age. From infant to octogenarian, everyone falls in love with Jane.

It’s understandable.

She is ‘the real thing.’

Genuine, loving, uber-caring, Jane always has a laugh and a warm hug ready. She listens to whatever is on your heart and then,  envelops you in the most crazy-azzed hug you ever experienced. She won’t tell you what to do, she’ll simply give you the feeling whatever you decide, she’ll be standing right there beside you. And she will.

Jane is loyal.

If someone says something negative about someone Jane cares about she will tell them, in no uncertain terms, that their words are not welcome in her world. That while she values their friendship, they will need to re-think their position in her life if they want to talk about one of her friends that way.

I know. She did it for me when someone was beating up on my character. Just as she does it for everyone she cares about.

And Jane cares about a lot of people as was evidenced yesterday afternoon when over 90 people gathered at The Ironwood to wish the amazing Jane a Happy Birthday.

We were all ages. All colours. All faiths.  All sizes.

To Jane. We are her friends. The people whom she has touched with her warm and loving heart, her kindness, her caring ways and her generosity of spirit.

Oh, and let me tell you this about  my friend Jane. She’s the only other woman I know who can milk her birthday for longer than the month in which it appears.

Yup. Jane’s Birthday was actually at the beginning of January. Yet, there we were family and friends gathered together almost 2 months later to ensure that she knows how much she is loved and how honoured we all are to call her our friend.

Because that’s the other thing about Jane. While I may think of her as my best friend, there’s room for many best friends in Jane’s world — and she treats each of us with the same grace and love, always giving her most to make each of us feel special.

Yesterday we celebrated Jane’s birthday. It wasn’t a decade thing. It was more a demographic kind of watershed age where she was moving from one ‘population marker’ to a new space where discounts are offered and even the government gets into the act by providing a stipend to honour your age.

Oh right. I forgot to mention, Jane is MUCH older than me. Uh huh. Yup. She’s also much taller but hey! Who cares about inches when it’s the years that count! And while I might just happen to be experiencing this same birthday marker later this year, it is MUCH MUCH later — which is why for 11 months and a few days I get to say, I Love you my friend!

Thank you Jane (my MUCH older friend) for all the love and beauty you bring into the world. Your smile, laughter, sense of humour and pure essence of joy always makes the world a lot brighter, and a whole lot more loving.

And BTW, remember how you taught me everything about being a mother by having CJ 9 months before me? Well I’m watching you. If you don’t like this particular watershed age, I may decide to skip it by taking a page out of your book on How to Defy Time! – I know! I won’t file my documents with the government so they won’t send me the stipend that says I’ve reached a certain age which means… I won’t have reached that certain age!

See, there you are once again teaching me how to navigate uncertain waters of life! Because quite frankly dear Jane, there’s no way on this earth you’re 65! I mean… You look AMAZING — because you are.

Love you my friend.

Keep celebrating life. Keep sharing your joy and laughter. The world is a better place because of you.


8 thoughts on “About My Friend Jane

  1. Whoo! Tears while sitting in a coffee shop at 7:30am! haha. Thank you Louise for your words. Love you. And.. we had 90 people there yesterday. A true testament to the many lives and hearts my Mum has touched! What an absolutely incredible woman she is.

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  2. Whoo! Tears while sitting in a coffee shop at 7:30am! haha. Thank you Louise for your words. Love you. And.. we had 90 people there yesterday. A true testament to the many lives and hearts my Mum has touched! What an absolutely incredible woman she is.


  3. Thank you Louise. It was a wonderful day. Oh my gosh. I am so blessed to have the family and friends that I do. What a gift! There was a lot of love at the Ironwood yesterday….. just amazing. My heart is overflowing….. I can’t believe that my 2 CJs and Al . . and friends and family could keep a secret from me. It was such a surprise and the surprises just kept coming all day. Such a treat to see so many special people in 1 afternoon! Christie, Cutis and Al really nailed it! There is nothing in the world more important than family and friends.

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