Don’t think. Just do.

Change is here to stay was a favourite saying of one of my very first bosses. You can either go with it, or fight against it, but you can’t resist it, he said.

This morning, as I awoke, my mind leapt to the place of resistance. “Oh, just lie here in bed, Louise,” the critter hissed. “You’ve had two days of morning movement meditation. Give it a break. Just slumber awhile longer.”

Now, I know me. Once I awaken, there’s no going back to sleep. But, even though I got up, the critter kept trying to convince me to forgo my movement meditation. “You don’t need it,” it insisted. “You’re too tired. It’s not good for you. Why don’t you just sit down and forget about it.”

Fortunately, my loving self stepped up to the abyss of giving in and gently drew me away from the edge.

“Don’t think. Just do.” she whispered. “Drown the critters voice in music. Listen to your body calling you to flow into gentle movement. Don’t think. Just do.”

I heard the wisdom of her voice, turned up the music and began to move.

Change isn’t about thinking my way into doing. It’s about moving through my resistance to change, to move into the doing of whatever the something different is that I’ve identified as necessary to create the more, the better, the most of what I want in my life.

As the days and months and years pass, my body has aged with time. It has lost some of its flexibility, its natural fluidness that allows my joints and muscles to move without pain.

I want to change my status quo. I desire to move from being resigned to time’s impact on my body to a place where I am moving with time to create a more fluid and graceful way of being.

It requires change — in attitude. In belief. In awareness. It does not require more thinking about what I need to do. It requires action.

There is an art and a science to change.

For me, the art is in gracefully embracing my awareness that to live a grace-filled life, all parts of my being need to be part of my doing.

The science is in recognizing and acknowledging that my resistance is not based on a rational ‘knowing’. Believe me, I know I need to stay active. Get moving.

But my knowing gets drowned out by the critters insistence it knows best. “What!” the critter exclaims. “You deserve to just lie back and relax. You’ve done enough running, walking, moving to last a lifetime! Give yourself a break.”

The critter doesn’t ask questions. He only makes statements that are posed as fact when really, they’re based on nothing more than my fear (his aversion) to change.

My loving self knows, part of living with grace is to flow with time and its inevitable changes. It knowing that I need to fall into love with doing what is necessary to fill myself with grace. And grace comes when I take loving care of this body that is my vehicle and my container for my life.

I gave into the critter’s insistence I didn’t need to take action and fell out of the habit of taking care of my body and self.

I am shifting from fear to desire, to knowledge to actions that honour and celebrate this amazing container that not only supports every movement, thought and breath I take, but also has the capacity to create ease and grace with every breath.

I woke up and moved this morning. The benefits are many. The joy profound.

This morning I listened to my loving self as she whispered. Don’t think. Just do.

I took action.



5 thoughts on “Don’t think. Just do.

    • Mine does too Mary — and I’ve thought about it alot! 🙂 I think it’s because in that liminal space, the critter knows my defences are lower/softer and it is easier to penetrate my ‘knowing’. Hugs


  1. Here’s to flowing with graceful steps… and allowing our joints to continue to produce the flexible fluid❤️ Everything begins with imagination and the change we are now experiencing is taking us beyond all knowing… so time to allow rejuvenation too❤️ much love, barbara


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