Give Thanks. Everyday.


Thanksgiving has come and passed. The turkey, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce have been consumed. The table is cleared. The extra chairs put away and the table once again collapsed to everyday size.

The accoutrements of the festival have been put away for another year.

What doesn’t get put away is gratitude.

Gratitude is an everyday affair.

This morning, as I sit at my desk and watch the river flow past and the lights of cars travelling east to west towards downtown cross the bridge, I say a quiet prayer of thankfulness.

For the time spent with family and friends. The laughter and memories.
For the quiet of this morning.
My mug of warm coffee.
The music of Hildegard von Bingen playing softly in the background.
The lights from under the bridge dancing on the water as it flows past.
The wind rustling the leaves on the branches of the trees outside my window.
The gentle swaying of the branches.
The gift of Autumn leaves falling. As each leaf falls the branches become barer and the river becomes more visible.

I give thanks for my fingers’ capacity to sense the words forming within me and play them out on my keyboard so they appear on my screen.
For my body’s ability to sit upright in my chair.
My breath.
My body.
My life.

I give thanks for the sound of Beaumont the Sheepadoodle’s paws as he crosses the hardwood floor to come and sit beside me and nudge my elbow so I will give him a pet.
For the night becoming light as the sun rises behind me in the eastern sky.
For the candle burning on the desk beside me casting a beautiful golden halo of light.
For the talent of the potter who crafted my heart adorned mug that holds my coffee so beautifully and warms my hands when I hold it and makes my heart smile when I look at it.

I give thanks.

And as I stop and look outside, the wind picks up and it is raining golden leaves fluttering down to the ground.
I give thanks for the seasons that turn with such beautiful grace reminding me always of the sacredness and mystery of life.

I give thanks.


15 thoughts on “Give Thanks. Everyday.

    • It is a daily journey Meena. I constantly need to remind myself to be grateful for the things that are not, in my judgement, going ‘right’. To be grateful for all things is a challenging yet important part of living in the joy of now!

      A few years ago, two friends and I formed a ‘circle’ using Melody Beatties’ book, Make Miracles in Forty Days, as our foundation — it was an amazing process – every morning we shared between us an email listing the things that weren’t going well or were upsetting us – it wasn’t about finding ‘the good’ it was about acknowledging the hurts. Incredibly powerful – especially as part of the process was to not try to make the other feel good about their upsets, or help them see ‘the light’, we simply created space for each of us to be present to our unease.


      • That is a great idea coz sharing does reduce the pain.Sometimes I feel i dont need an comforting word ,just someone to listen to my problems and lighten the burden of my heart.

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      • I think we all need that Meena. It is so very life-giving.

        Having done the process with my two friends, what I discovered after several months is that I no longer viewed ‘the bad’ as negatively and simply came to a space of acceptance without judgment of myself – so often I feel badly about feeling badly and then condemn myself to shame because I am judging myself as ungrateful… It really helped me break out of the vicious circle. — and thank you for your comments — you reminded me of that time with my two friends and that has lifted my heart!



  1. We give thanks for good health and happiness as we take a moment to think of those who were unable to join us in yet another delicious Thanksgiving fete.
    I sit in solitude as the sun peeks through majestic blue spruce behemoths. Squirrels are flitting about searching out hidey holes for storage of their winter’s nuts, oblivious to the fact they may forget where those hidey holes are. Life is grand, life moves forward yet another day.

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