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A Poetry Affair

I started a blog on July 25 called… Make Peace Happen. The intent was to write a poem a day about peace, except, I didn’t write a poem about peace everyday. In fact, I didn’t write a poem a day.

So… I’ve decided to shift the focus from just writing a poem about peace, to writing a poem a day about anything that calls to my heart.

I want to inspire myself to keep writing poetry, to express myself through poetic verse — and this is the best way I know how.

So if you’d like to follow along — the poems can be found by clicking on this link — A Poetry Affair

and… here’s a sample. I wrote this poem based on a photo I took on one of walks with Ellie, the wonder pooch.

Nowhere To Go

©Louise Gallagher

Nowhere to go copy

11 thoughts on “A Poetry Affair

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  2. A beautiful heartfelt poem. 🙂


  3. touched my heart! beautifully penned Louise! perfect for the photo and a lovely photo indeed!


  4. I reread this today. It is hauntingly beautiful as Tammi said.


  5. Oh this is wonderful – the colours and the way you’ve played with the words. I’d actually love to do a post that begins with this one and then continues with Heart Vision. I’ve really enjoyed both of these poems!

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  6. Thank you! Just popped back to your blog and considered the words Dare Boldly, Live Bravely… and “fearless living”. I think you might enjoy a short post that I did in April so this is a special invite to visit 🙂 It’s at: https://exploringcolour.wordpress.com/2019/04/29/feathers-arent-always-fragile/


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