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It’s a matter of time.

In a meeting yesterday, someone said, while discussing next steps for a project. “We’ve got to get started because, before you know it, a month will have passed and you didn’t even notice.”

Time is on my mind.

As I look forward to where I want to be in the next 6 to 12 months, I see possibilities expanding for me to move beyond the work I do now, day to day, to other things I want to do.

Like paint more.

Write more.

Create more and inspire more through my creations.

And then I trip over myself.

Yesterday, I took on an added workload. When I walked out of the meeting where I’d volunteered to take it on, I had to ask myself, what have I done?

I knew what I’d done. I’d said yes to being of service to others without first stopping to ask myself, Does this serve me well? (And yes, there might just have been a little bit of the ‘I can’t say no’ chatter going on in my head too!)

There is nothing wrong with taking on more work, or pitching in to help out in a bind. In fact, stepping into the world from a place of, “How can I be of service”, creates space for gratitude and humility to be present.

However, when being of service to others adds stress or diminishes your capacity to step continually forward towards your passions, then the act of service is not being made from a place of humility. It is coming from a place of hubris. It won’t lead to an attitude of gratitude. It just leads to resentment, especially when you set yourself up to be taken advantage of through not asking for what is fair, or right, or what you deserve.

I like to feel wanted. That what I do makes a difference. When I diminish my value however, by not standing true to what is important — ie. asking for what I deserve or saying no when I need to — then I am not coming at the work with a ‘pure heart’. I’m stepping in with a hungry heart.

I have a vision to retire and immerse myself in inspiring others to explore their creative essence through offering workshops and teaching people how to tune into their creative core to express themselves freely.

I won’t get there if I don’t stand up for myself and take time to consider each item on my plate and the value it brings to moving me closer to fulfilling on my vision for my life.

Finding balance, measuring our time and considering how best to fill it to create value for ourselves and the world around us, is essential to living pure of heart in gratitude and humility.

Point taken.



The sixth painting in my #ShePersisted series is HERE.


Nevertheless, #ShePersisted

Ever since the moment I read the account of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s shunning in Congress, and the utterance of the words, “Nevertheless, she persisted,” I have felt a voice within me rising up. It’s urgency is compelling me to create art that speaks to Senator Warren’s courage, and the courage that exists within all of us to resist bully’s, push back against discrimination and stand up for one another, our feminine essence, our humanity.

This series is my rebellion.

I am not a placard bearing, slogan chanting protester. I am strong and forthright. Willing to step in and be heard. In my way.

And that is the feminine way. We do not insist we all fit into the same box. Or that we protest in the same voice. We accept the many different ways, the many different voices, the many different stances.

This series, #ShePersisted, is my way.

It is created in collaboration with Academy of Rising Women and its midwife, Kerry Parsons.  In Kerry’s vision, there is a stirring in our souls … a deeply feminine longing to live in a compassionate, wise-hearted world that works for all life. For years, thousands of years, we have been simmering, potent but not powerful. And now in answer to the call of a world in need of compassion and courage and collaboration, we rise!

The Academy of Rising Women is a potent, powerful wisdom community for the new emerging woman. Together we are creating a passionately powerful learning community of strong and courageous women to love deeply and live fully … to experience, express and create our future and, shape the future of our world.

I am honoured to be part of this academy of rising women. Of women who march, and who gather, around the well, in playgrounds and parks and living rooms and coffee shops and around the kitchen table.

We are the voices of compassion. Possibility. Hope. We are the flow. The ebb. The sisterhood. The stewards of all life. The birthing of our humanity.

In our voices, in our wombs, in our hands reaching out, inward and towards one another. In our standing alone and together in the clear and visible awesome beauty of our femininity. Our truth.

We are rising.

This series is for me. It is for you. It is for each of us. All of us.

To see the complete series of quotes and paintings and to follow along as I create the series, click HERE. 

They said don't make waves. She rocked the boat. #ShePersisted

They said don’t make waves.
She rocked the boat.


Take Care | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 44


There are so many opportunities in this world to not, take care. To tell ourselves, “Ha! I can do what I want because everyone else is.”

Fact is, doing what we want to create happiness, joy, wealth… cannot be at the expense of someone else’s happiness, rights, happiness, joy.

We are inter-relational. We are inter-dependent. Like the butterfly wings disturbing air in Africa, creating a windstorm on the other side of the world, the small things we do here, ripple out to create impacts in the world all around us.

Take care to ensure every action, thought, word, idea you create is a ripple that creates better. Take care to ensure having what you want does not mean someone else is harmed.



What is home?

I have started a series of art journal entries on the theme of “Home”.

It was inspired by my work in the homeless-serving sector where ‘What is Home?’ is a question that is asked everyday. It also stems from my passion to stand at the intersection of art and writing to explore my creative essence and how/where they intersect with the things I am passionate and curious about in life.

Creativity connects me to my essence; that divine space within each of us that speaks to who we are when fear, worry, habit, our pasts and our experiences do not interfere with our natural expression of who we are.  I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talking with guest Brene Brown in one of her Magic Lessons podcasts and Brene Brown said that before she started her shame research, and before she wrote The Gift of Imperfection, she would have said she was not creative. “I have a job.” Since researching shame, and how to live whole-heartedly, she has uncovered startling research that speaks to how many of us (in the research 56% of those she interviewed) were shamed as children about our creativity.

These are the first two paintings in the series. I have no idea how long the series will be, or where it will take me. The joy is in the exploration, the uncovering, the allowing what is calling out to be heard, and what is chasing me to appear, to be brought into the light of creative expression.

No matter where your story begins, it's never too late to begin again to create a new story.

No matter where your story begins, it’s never too late to begin again to create a new story.



Home is that place where no matter how bad your day, you always know you have somewhere to lay your head to dream of better days ahead.



Awaken Dear One.


Photo by Rose Erkul

Awaken Dear One.

©2017 Louise Gallagher

and hear the drum

It is beating
to the rhythm
of your heart.

and hear life

It is calling you
to Awaken
to the rhythm
of your heart.


Photo Source:  https://unsplash.com/@rose_ekl


How Do you Change the World?



I love to ask the question, “If you were setting off to change the world, where would you start?”

“I’d start with passion,” a friend once replied to that question. “Always start with passion.”

Someone else once replied,  “I know what I’m passionate about. I know where my passion wants to lead me. I just don’t know how to get there”

Follow. Follow your passion. Whenever you are faced with a choice, a decision or an opportunity, follow your passion. The rest will fall into place.Passion.

 In Isabel Allende’s 2008 Ted Talks speech, Tales of Passion, she says that passion lives in the heart and heart is what drives us and determines our fate.
The driver of great deeds. The driver of great people.
As humans, we are born great of heart. We all possess a greatness of being just the way we are. As we expand and move into being all we are when fear dressed up as hatred, racism, discrimination, intolerance and a whole host of characteristics we express when we move through fear, does not hold us down, our inherent greatness shines through. In our drive to dig deep into our hearts, to fuel the passion of our creative spirits, we change — ourselves and the world.
 And who could ask for a better world than that? A world of passion, driven with heart, filled with the desire to be the most amazing we can be. And in that desire to be our best, we will create a world of the best around us.
When I was 23, I believed I could change the world. I just didn’t know how to do it.
Now, I know that to be the change I want to see in the world, to create more love, joy, truth, kindness, caring… I must be passionate about living this one precious and awesome life in the passion of being loving, joyful, truthful, kind, caring.

“How can I change the world?” you ask.

Begin with yourself and let your heart lead the way.
Begin with being the most passionate person you can be, doing what you are most passionate about, what you love to do.
We can all do that.

And, to change the world, to make it a better place for everyone, we must all do that. Follow our passions and express our greatness in everything we do, in every way we can so that all the world can see that change is possible when we let go of our fear of never being enough and live passionately into our greatness of being human.