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How I am in this world


The day started out with ‘easy’.

My friend Dave who needed help getting boxes the day before and then didn’t need help, did need help. Mission accomplished. I drove him to the north end of the city. We picked up boxes and padding and tape and all things packing. I drove him back home and I picked up a bunch of plants.

Giving is receiving.

I gave of my time and Dave gave me some beautiful plants in return.

It was later that the ‘make a difference’ broadened into a global perspective.

Every Wednesday night I join a group for meditation. The purpose is, as Dal our guide calls it, ‘to be of service in the world’. To join our focus with others who are focusing their energy on ‘more of what we want’ in the world. Love. Light. Healing. Peace. Joy.

Sitting in the meditation circle, surrounded by people who were sharing their selves in the encounter, I felt connected to the energy of each of us there, and to the power of each of us to create change in our world.

Through meditation, I let go of my ego’s need to be in control, and fall into that place of surrender where I become One in Love with the world around me. I become who I am in this world where Love overcomes evil, Light illuminates darkness.  Harmony dispels discord. And Joy transcends sorrow.

It is, ultimately, the purpose of this blog. To spend a year consciously focused on being the difference I want to see in the world. Being that difference must begin within me. It must begin with my thinking, my conscious acts that say — I am part of this world. This world is part of me. We are all connected. And what I do, say, think, how I act, how I am in this world makes a difference.



Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

12 thoughts on “How I am in this world

  1. I’ve never meditated in a group–only alone. you make me want to try.


    • Hi Megan – Like you, until three years ago, I had never meditated in a group. And I am in awe of the energy when in group. It is quite amazing! I happened upon this group through the friend who I helped yesterday — I’d forgotten that part when I wrote my blog! 🙂 It’s a very powerful experience — and I love the sense of community that happens in group. I find that my singular meditation practice has deepened as well because of the group interaction.


  2. Wow – this sounds like a very admirable and ambitious project. Best wishes for a wonderful year of changing the world. It sounds like you’re off to a really good start. I will definitely follow along!


    • Thanks Carol — I appreciate your joining in the conversation and following along! Looking forward to hearing how others are making a difference too ! 🙂 (ps — nice to meet you!)


  3. Your post reminded me of a band called “Joy Kills Sorrow” — a rootsy group from the states. I think you’d like them!


  4. Sounds like two beautiful experiences. I too have never tried meditating with a group, may have to put that on the wish list for 2012. (I refuse to call ’em resolutions, too much pressure!)


  5. Great pic of yourself that you added, and I like the design you use here.

    I’ve been using a meditation Christine at Abbey of the Arts provided. It’s helping a lot.


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