The Gift of Gratitude

It was a quiet day yesterday. Staying conscious was a challenge.

Work on my new website – I am grateful for the tech staff at godaddy who so graciously and patiently walked me through my struggles during three separate phone calls. They gave me hope. But seriously, the work of trying to figure things out consumed me for much of the day and I didn’t focus much time on ‘making a difference’ as much as on receiving help from others. As one friend reminded me who reads my other blog (Recover Your Joy), “you make a difference everyday through what you write.” Thank you my friend.

In the process of assessing my day yesterday though, I realized a couple of things that need changing. Rather than simply recording the difference I consciously made, on Fridays, I shall write about the difference other people made in my life during the week. From the driver who let me in from the merge lane, thank you, to Dave who had an extra tub of fish food when I needed one, and for the fish, thank you.

People make a difference in my life in small and big ways, everyday.

Isabel and Dave for being with me on Project Miracle. The gifts are many when I open my heart and soul to seeing the dark and the light in my emotions.

Carolyn who called to invite me for a spontaneous lunch. She is always giving, always sharing her best.

Rosemarie and Debbie shared their hearts over dinner one night and I had an opportunity to delve deeper into my own.

Ellie, the wonder pooch, who reminds me everyday — I gotta get outside and get moving.

For my fellow dance and meditation partners, you remind me that together we can make a world of difference.

Barry, for believing in me, encouraging me and supporting me.

Dave T for staying in touch.

Nan for inspiring me when I needed a boost.

Linda who shared an opportunity she thought I might like to explore.

Mark who called just to get in touch.

Karen and Marina for offering me an opportunity to make a difference.

Sue, whose energy on and commitment to the “and My Name is…” project is unflagging and who reminds me to give my best, always.

My daughters who continue to embrace me in love and teach me of its depths.

And as I write my list I am reminded of the value of being present. I can’t remember all the people who touched my life this week and made a difference. Reality is, everyone who touched my life made a difference this week. From phone calls, to brief encounters, to smiles of strangers on the street, to those who commented here ,to those who emailed or simply read, to those whose blogs I read and feel our human condition connecting in awe — there are many, many people who touched my life this week and made a difference.

And I think that perhaps, along with ‘what I did’, is the need for an ‘I am grateful’ perspective to keep my heart open to the many gifts in my life.

Yes. Staying present means doing my best. It also means, seeing  and being grateful for the gifts that flow through my life and acknowledging them and thanking the people (and animals) who make them possible.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “The Gift of Gratitude”

    1. Thank you too Trisha. I find the web an amazing world of wonder with people like you all over the world coming together to create more of what we want, sharing your spirit so generously — you inspire!


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