The difference is a way of living

Okay. So it’s fess up time. I didn’t really think about holding the thought of my desire to ‘make a difference’ in my consciousness yesterday. Busy doing my thing, the thought of being conscious about making a difference fell away like snow falling to the ground, obscuring the path through the woods.

It was a busy day. A 7:30 meeting, final touches on a proposal to a potential client, a meeting with another potential client and work on a presentation I’m giving tomorrow along with my daily writing schedule, walking Ellie, my golden retriever and suddenly, the day was done. In the ebb and flow of moment’s passing, I forgot to check in with the Universe and see where I could be of service. Fortunately, the Universe is always in flow and accepts my being here as the difference I make more graciously than I do!

I am grateful for having this place to come to every morning to write, and for having my other blog, Recover Your Joy, where I write everyday. By turning up on the page (and screen) with my words of  hope, encouragement and inspiration my intent is always to make a difference, to add light and joy to the lives of those who share their time with me in the virtual and the 3-D world.

And so, I come full circle, back to that place where I embrace ‘the difference’ as a way of living, not just thinking. When I come from a state of being that knows, I am the difference I want to create in the world, I enter each moment in the flow of my words and actions rippling outwards creating gentle waves of Love.


And, one way I am making a difference tomorrow is by taking part in a panel discussion sponsored by This is My City Art Society and the This is My City Festival.

On Common Ground:

Conversations About Our City


 A Matter of Trust

 February 25, 2012 at 1:30p.m.

Calgary Public Library, Central Library

Everyone is welcome. Admission is FREE.

 This conversation will explore the relationship between artists and their subjects and broader issues of privacy, voice and trust concerning at-risk and marginalized communities.


Louise Gallagher – writer, artist and former PR director of the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre

Max Cielsielski – Calgary Rehab and Drop-In Centre client and performing artist with This is My City

Rosemary Griebel – award-winning Calgary poet and librarian

George Webber – internationally renowned Canadian photographer

 Part of the This is My City Festival and presented by The City of Calgary Public Art Program,

On Common Ground is a series of conversations among artists, community builders, cultural thinkers, and you. Come explore the shifting ideas of home, the ethics of working with each other, and urban renewal as it relates to our sense of history, community and shared culture. Four conversations are taking place – January 28, February 25, March 31 and April 28, 2012.

 This is My City (TMC) Festival 2012 is a multi-disciplinary arts festival, linking together TMC’s core work with programs produced by other organizations, to bring attention to homelessness, the use of urban space and the issue of urban redevelopment.

For more information, visit



May your ripple be a gentle flow of healing waters creating joy and love in your world today.

2 thoughts on “The difference is a way of living”

  1. Thanks Louise my riple is some times a tide wave of a roaring water fall….But I am slowly, ever so slowly learning to listen before reaction….The last few days been walking the walk….rather then the talk….Its amazing when one takes time out to feel, see what is all around ones self…Don’t forget to ride the Wind current……Later


    1. Shirley my friend!!!! What a wonderful delight to ‘see’ you hear and to hear your voice — and no one knows our secret yet… that you will be the guest blogger here on Sunday 🙂 Should we tell them now?

      I am so grateful you have joined in this journey.



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