Engage in the creation of beauty

A new week. A new day. A new opportunity to make a difference.

It happens everyday. Every moment of every day. And something I’m learning through this process of being conscious of what it means to make a difference is that — being requires action.

Several people have commented to me that ‘you make a difference on blogs everyday Louise.’ Thank you — Fact is, the difference isn’t that I turn up and be present in this white space. It is that I consciously fill this white space with my best with my creative intention to inspire.

My presence, your presence, in the world makes a difference by our being here. Air is displaced. We create ripples of energy as we move through time and space. the challenge is — to ensure the energy we extend to the world is the kind of difference we want to see in the world.

I did an experiment on my walk with Ellie yesterday. We took the paved trail as the off-pavement trail was extremely mucky. As we walked east, I spied a crumbled up kleenex on the path. I only had one bag so I decided to leave the kleenex until our return — and also, to see if anyone else picked it up. We passed several people going in the opposite direction as Ellie and I continued eastward. When we turned around and came back, the kleenex was still there. Bless them. Forgive me. (you know I was thinking not all nice things about those who passed the garbage by…)

This isn’t about those who missed the garbage. It’s about, once again, the action I took to ‘make a difference’. My choice. My decision.

The beauty when we take action is that we create a difference for others to experience and enjoy (there’s that ripple). Absolutely no one will know what I did. And it doesn’t matter. It isn’t about others knowing. It’s about what I’m doing to be the difference I want to create in the world. To have left the kleenex would have made a difference — just not in the direction I want to go.

There is no stasis in being present in the world — we are constantly evolving, always moving towards or away from what we want to create. I want to create a world of beauty — to actively engage in my creation, I must take action, constantly to be actively engaged in creating beauty in the world around me. And that includes picking up garbage.

Ask yourself today — what am I willing to do to create the kind of world I want to live in?

And then, consciously look for opportunities to be engaged in its creation.


8 thoughts on “Engage in the creation of beauty

  1. Simply beautiful! Today I will be kind to someone who needs it. I sat with a mother this morning who’s son was murdered a few weeks ago. I held her and allowed her anger and grief, we connected to what it meant for him to have her as a mother and how this defined him. She still feels horrible, but my job was just to be present, to witness and know she won’t always feel like this, even though she can’t see it right now.


  2. Very beautiful post 🙂
    First thing i thought of to answer your question about what I would do to create a better world, was reduce the “noise pollution”.
    It can seem weird because I can’t even explain why it’s the first thing that came to my mind 🙂


    • It’s a lovely thought — to reduce the noise in our world — imagine if we only heard the sounds of love!

      Thanks for joining in the conversation and your light on the path.



  3. Oh Nance. how you have warmed my heart on this snowy day at the foot of the Rockies. When my daughters were young, their very favouritest book was… Miss Rumphius. I had forgotten the name and simply called it — The Lupine Lady. We still talk about that book — We would take packages of wildflower seeds and strew them where ever we went so that we too could like The Lupine Lady — 🙂 thank you!


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