It’s all in the name of Love

A day of miracles. Hearts breaking open — and the reminder, a broken heart is an open heart and an open heart is a loving heart. Seeing eyes light up with anticipation after years of watching the world through fear and dread.

Whenever I sit in on the Thursday night processes at Choices I am always awed by the capacity of the human spirit to rise up above the pain and trauma, the sorrow and the grief of our journey through life.

There are moments when I wonder, why do we keep doing this to ourselves and each other? Why do we hurt each other? Abuse each other? Ridicule, mock, and even destroy each other?

And I keep coming back to one conclusion — it is all in the name of Love.

Love is perfect, it’s just our expression of it that gets perverted, distorted, mishappen as we move through our lives. Sometimes, we lose our way, or have never been shown how, or in the showing we received of what ‘to Love ourselves or another’ means, we were given faulty messages because those entrusted with our care, our nurturing, our ‘love teaching’ didn’t know any better. They too received ‘faulty messages’ of Love.

We are always teaching other what it means to love — ourselves and others.

We are meant to be brilliant sparks of light and love. To shine as brightly as possible so that others can find their way home to their hearts.

And sometimes, our sparkle is dulled by life’s happenings.Yet always, it is there. Waiting. Holding on. Holding out hope. Always, our light, even if it’s just a tiny ember, waits to be rekindled so that we can shine bright.

And always, Love is present. Waiting in our hearts. Calling out to us to awaken, to open our eyes, and our hearts to the magnificence of our being in this world.

We all want to make a difference — it is a universal truth. We all want to feel like our lives have meaning.

Standing in the Choices room where I am coaching this week, I am blessed with watching people awaken to the beauty and the wonder of their hearts breaking open in Love.

And what a difference their open hearts make in the room. What a difference their open hearts make in the world.

It was another full day at Choices, and I am blessed. I am part of the gifts that Thelma Box, the founder of Choices began 29 years ago when she started the seminar with the belief and the desire and the dream of “Changing the world one heart at a time.”

Thank you Thelma for your dream. thank you for keeping the light shining.

You are making a difference..

6 thoughts on “It’s all in the name of Love”

  1. wow!!!! I love that!
    Thank you Louise. What a great post! I need to print this and keep it with me as it would help me explain to others around me what is Love? I try and try to explain that love is for everyone, those who hurt you need it more than those who are close to you.


  2. Louise, you know what? As someone who has been blessed and enriched by knowing you, I can honestly say that …. love oozes out from you.
    May you be as blessed as those whom you bless.


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