Simple Gifts

It is often the simple things in life that make the biggest difference.

On Saturday evening I had dinner with two friends. I’ve known the woman since 1999 when her son and my eldest daughter were in The Young Canadians together and we car-pooled getting them to and from rehearsals and class. I’ve always enjoyed her company, she’s an awesome cook (which sings to my heart) and a wonderful friend. As I was leaving on Saturday night, she said, “Oh. I have a gift for you. It’s just something I saw in a store and immediately thought of you.” And she presented me with a beautiful glass plate with a dragonfly painted on it.

“No reason,” she said. “Just because.”

My heart was touched and I felt embraced in Love and caring.

Yesterday morning, as I was about to leave the house with Ellie for our walk, I thought of a girlfriend who delights in joining us when she can. I called and asked if she’d like to meet us at the park. She was just waking up and immediately said Yes! I need twenty minutes to get there. It gave me time to stop and grab both of us a Latte at the Starbucks on my route to the park.

In the mystical, fog infused morning, we spent a delightful  hour and a half wandering the trails of the Weaselhead, stopping frequently to take photos and inspect natures beauty all the while oohing and ahhhing at the frost tipped wonder of the trees and bushes all around.

It was a gift of time with a special friend. We’ve known each other for over 30 years (I was there when she met her husband). She is one of the friends who saved my life when I was in the darkness of an abusive relationship. It was her actions that lead the police to finding us and arresting him in the darkest hours of that journey.

In the simplicity of the pleasure of our walk together, I was reminded of how important friends are in my life. My friends make a difference.

And so does family.

I called my sister in Vancouver one day at her office and she told me that my eldest daughter had just stopped by to drop her off a coffee from her favourite coffee shop. The delight in my sister’s voice was palpable to receive a little thing that made a huge difference in her day.

As you travel through your day, are there moments when you can reach out and touch a friend or family member, just because? A simple phone call to say, “Hi! I’m thinking of you.” Can you send a card just to say hello? Or drop off a coffee, for ‘no reason’?

It is these simple gifts of sharing our time, treasures and talents that weave a beautiful tapestry of love throughout our lives.

Take time to Make a difference today in someone’s life. Share a simple gift from your heart.

8 thoughts on “Simple Gifts”

  1. I don’t know why Louise reading this I’m crying now. Maybe it’s because you are describing the relationship i would love to have with my family and friends? maybe because i have always treated others this way, but never had it in return? Or it might also be you mentioning domestic abuse, and my week end is still too fresh in my mind? I guess it’s all together. A smile, a hug, a thought can erase my pain.


    1. Dearest Nikky — I always remind myself in times of trouble — this too shall pass.

      Tears are good. They let our emotions flow and set us free to flow into life without pain and sorrow clogging our experience of the world around us.

      And as they flow — here is a smile, a hug and a loving thought just for you. Hugs dear one. Breathe. This too shall pass and your beauty will always remain in its passing.


      1. Thank you so much Louise for the very kind words and your love, that you send me whether it is on here or in your replies to my blog. Thank you ❤


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