Keeping My Commitments

It is interesting to make a commitment to write in this space everyday about making a difference in the world. Interesting and not always easy.

The question that faces me most mornings is…. so, Louise, what did you do yesterday to make a difference in the world? And some days, it’s not always easy to see ‘the difference’.

Like yesterday where,  in an attempt to lessen my footprint on our planet, I did not drive my car, nor spend any money.

Does the universe really care?

Perhaps not. But I do. I care about keeping my commitments. And not driving my car one day a week nor spending money one day a week is a commitment I made at the beginning of the year as part of my commitment to consciously focus on what it is, and what it takes to make a difference in the world everyday.

I think what surprises me most about not driving or spending money is how hard it can be. Without thinking, I will grab my car keys to race off the grocery story — if I’m not conscious of what I’m doing. Like yesterday, my daughter and her boyfriend were coming for dinner and I realized I needed…. No. Stop. You will have to use what is in your kitchen to make dinner, Louise, my inner guide reminded me as I was getting my coat on.

Oh, can’t I make tomorrow my day of not driving…

No, she said firmly (she can be quite bossy that inner sergeant major, oops, I mean, guide). Tomorrow you have errands to do (like get the oil changed on your car) before leaving for Vancouver. You do need to drive and spend money tomorrow. Today, is the day you made the commitment. Take your coat off. Go check out the fridge.

Sighing, knowing she was right, (but seriously, I wish sometimes she’d just let me take the easy way out for once…)  I checked out the fridge and discovered I had the makings of a great dinner waiting to be whipped together with just a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of love.

In the end, the three of us shared a delightful dinner complete with Falafel appetizers with Tahini sauce and a main course of  homemade seafood pasta and salad and a delightful bottle of wine from Jesse Willis’ new wine store — which if you haven’t visited it and are in Calgary — do!  Jesse is a friend of my daughters’ and a great young man. Vine Arts Wine and Spirits is the fruition of a dream come true for Jesse — you can check it out on Facebook — there’s a Grand Opening on Saturday — the store is beautiful, the atmosphere welcoming and Jesse and his team love to treat every customer with care and attention, sharing their wealth of knowledge of wines and spirits freely and graciously.

So, the difference I made in the world may have been infintisimal in the grand scheme of world peace, or climate change, or keeping the economic engines turning, but it was significant in my world. Because, keeping my commitments keeps me on the positive side of the ledger of feeling good about myself and my presence  in the world.

And how I am, what I do, what I create makes a difference in the world everyday when I am giving my best and doing my most to share the best that I can be!



10 thoughts on “Keeping My Commitments”

  1. Louise,

    It’s about sparks, not fires.

    My speaking to the issue every day you spark some thinking – in yourself and in the minds of your readers and friends – to consider making a difference, to think about making a difference, and in that, you are making a difference.

    You have no idea how many others on this planet, right now, are generating similar sparks.

    Revolutions which change the world are not always Dr. King, Mandela or Arab Spring kinds of phenomena. Those are the media-hogging ones, but lots of sung and un-sung heroes do things too …. like you.

    For many, getting out of bed each day (kudos to all who can!), the daily struggle is completely spark-less. The burdens of their lives too heavy, their distractions of making their way and providing their necessities of life so large and draining that having a creative spark or ‘change the world’ thought is beyond their capacity. But, then along comes Louise to tease, to poke, to prod and inspire that we can all make a difference.

    I am sure, each day, there is someone out there on the brink of despair or ready to end their belief in a better life . . . who pull back from it, who get through that difficult day, who manage their way through the impossiblity of their situation …. because of you.

    Some days, I’m one of those.

    And on days like that, we need one of these . . .

    A nudge, a thought, a wish … to recognize we are making a difference.




      1. Unfortunately I can’t do much 😦
        You are making a difference with your writings, whereas what I write about are just my thoughts and pain. I would really appreciate if you could pass and read, just to know a little more about me. The persons who read my Blog are now my family, My friends and my support. You are one of them and I depend on you all.


  2. Louise, the next time you are stumped about the difference you make in the world think of this. I have read every one of you posts since the beginning of the year. Yours is the only blog I ‘follow’. I scan several but only follow yours because yours is the only one that has really made an impact on me.

    As you know, my life (like many today) is crazy hectic and I have more reading in a day than I can manage so I am very selective in what I spend my reading time on. What I have found, within just a few days of reading your blog at the beginning of the year, was a resonance that touched my soul and impacted my behaviour (and that doesn’t happen often or easily for me).

    I don’t know if it’s your unwavering commitment, your sincerity, your brutal honesty, your obvious love of humanity, or just that I know the face, the smile and the person behind the words; but whatever it is I responded at a subconscious level. I am calmer, more accepting, more thoughtful, less quick to pass judgement, more sympathetic and compassionate … happier. In fact, a colleague recently got frustrated with me and said, “how can be so calm (about the situation at hand), are you heavily medicated? ‘Zenned’ out? What is it? ‘Cause I want some!”

    Your blog has become my daily meditation, my daily journalling, my daily dose of self-medicating. And it seems to be working. So keep it up. Thank you.



    1. Oh Rachael, Thank you. I am speechless — go figure, me who has so many words, speechless. You have touched my heart deeply and moved my spirit. I think… you just gave me wings!

      I can’t think of anything nice than to be your daily meditation, journaling and daily dose of self-medication! thank you. And I most definitely am keeping it up.

      My blog this morning was really about me laughing at me as I trundled through that moment of wondering… so. Louise…. what ‘ya gonna write about today! 🙂

      Thank you for this wonderful blessing! Hugs. (and ok. so the speechless didn’t last long! :))


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