At my core, Love makes the difference

At meditation last night, I was once again reminded of the power of Love. That truly, the only difference we can make in our lives, in someone else’s life, in the world, is to be Love with all our being.

I am not powerful enough to change someone else’s life. I do not have their answers. I do not know their truth. All I can do is radiate that which I am, that which I have in limitless supply, that which is all I need to know my true self — Love.

The knowing was clear throughout my meditation. It radiated through my being. Expanding outward from my heart in ever-expanding ripples of Love.

It seems so simple. So trite.

Be Love.

Yet, when I am Love, I am all that I want to be. For Love encompasses my all — joy, peace, humility, caring, tenderness, compassion, empathy, creativity, kindness…

All that I want to be, all that I dream of being, is all ready known. It already is. And to access it. All I need to be is … Yup. You got it. Love.

Yesterday morning, as I drove downtown, I came to the intersection of my street and the busy thoroughfare I need to turn left onto to get out of our neighbourhood and downtown. In front of me at the intersection was another car. A man sat behind the wheel waiting for a break in traffic to turn left onto the main road. It can be a busy street, but there are inevitable breaks in traffic, and because there’s a bus stop on the right hand side, there’s a cross walk.

Sure enough, though the road was busy, a pedestrian was crossing to get to the bus stop.

And the traffic stopped in both directions.

And the man in front of me….

did nothing.

He waited.

And missed his chance.

Seriously? Traffic is stopped. The intersection is clear. Go why don’t you?

I bet he was on his cell phone! Β I bet he wasn’t driving hands free!


yeah. seriously. I called him an Idiot. In fact, what I said, out loud, Β was, “You idiot!”

And I stopped.

Oh my. What was I thinking? What was I doing? Who was I being?

I looked up through the glass of my sunroof and said aloud to the clouds above, “Bless him. Forgive me.”

I think I imagined a few drops of rain fell onto my sunroof in that moment as if the angels were crying for my momentary lapse in being aligned with the universal forces of Love. Peace. Harmony and Joy. Β πŸ™‚

Okay. So that was just a flight of whimsy.

But my lapse in being Love was not whimsy.

It was real.

And all I could do was acknowledge it. And begin again.

Always begin again.

It only takes a moment to be pulled from my essential path of being Love. It only takes a moment to let ego have its way, to let anger act out, to let frustration have a voice. And in that moment, every things shifts. And in that shift, the ripple I am radiating is none too harmonious. In fact, it’s downright discordant!

It was a good wake up call.

I am human. I am perfectly imperfect in all my human being and doing.

And sometimes. I’m impatient.

Aren’t I fascinating!

I had a lapse in remembering who I am at my core yesterday (actually I had a few more afterwards but none of them so explicit as that moment when I expressed aloud my unjust thoughts about a fellow human being and judged them harshly.)

I am perfectly human. I am perfectly imperfect.

I am. Human in all my perfections and imperfections.

At an intersection yesterday, I was reminded that to make a difference I must be who I am at my core. And at my core is, Love.


14 thoughts on “At my core, Love makes the difference

    • It does make it go around Trisha — and what’s wonderful is that in its roundness, you and I meet through Love’s capacity to connect hearts all around the world!


  1. As always, your post of the day speaks directly to my heart and my needs at the moment. Thank you for reminding me to focus on the core of my being and not to let the surface winds redirect me in ways I choose not to be. Love is the answer… it is always the answer. You are so right about that!


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