A hug and connection makes a difference

I am heading east again this morning.  Leaving the sparkling waters and green slopes of Vancouver to return to big sky country.

I love this city.  The greenery, rich verdant hills, flowers andthe water.  Definitely the waters.

But I love Calgary too. Big sky. Wide open spaces.  The Rockies lining the horizon. The prairies rolling away into yesterday far to the east.

My roots are there. Dug into the prairie soils.  Planted deep at the edge of the Rockies.  Most of my adult life has been lived in Calgary.  My family, friends, community is there and I am grateful to be going home.

As always though when I leave this beautiful city I have mixed feelings of joy and sadness, especially now that I leave my eldest daughter here. This is her home. Her city, she says. The prairies have lost her, but I never will. She is always at home in my heart.

It has been a quick trip — but very worthwhile. Time in the sun, by the water, with people I love.

It makes a difference. Getting away, kicking back, spending time walking and talking and just being together.

Today, while at Lonsdale Quay, I bought several peace bracelets from a woman from Tibet. We talked about peace and the need for it in our world. We talked about women and our voices and our need to use them wildly and passionately in our world. And we talked about freedom.

“I have a gift for you,” she said as I paid her for the bracelets. And she disappeared into her stall, came back with a package wrapped up in paper and handed it to me

“This is for you,” she said. “So you can make peace in the world

I opened the package and inside was a beautiful carved amulet with a dove and Peace on Earth carved into it.

“May I give you a hug?” I asked.

She smiled, nodded her head. We gently wrapped our arms around eachother and we stood, two women, making peace.

It made a difference, that hug, her gift, our connection.

17 thoughts on “A hug and connection makes a difference

  1. I read in another’s blog recently how much more people touch and hug in abroad. It’s a shame we don’t do it more here. We need to touch and hug more..and you Louise are a great hugger! Thanks for this post.


  2. Hi Lousie!

    This little story gave me goosebumps! I literally FELT the energy of conscious connection.

    A similar thing happened to me on Monday. While on the c-train platform, a beautiful soul sat down beside me… An aboriginal man with long long braids and a western shirt and a gap toothed smile.

    We chatted about the Stampede, Calgary, the weather. he mentioned he had missed all the Stampede events cause of his job… and then he smiled and said “I like WORKING!”

    That one little conversation changed my attitude to dreading the usual MONDAY morning to being grateful for a great job, a great day, a great city.

    Last night, the Summer of PEACE CALGARY network ( http://www.summerofpeacecalgary.com) hosted our first PEACE SEMINAR.
    It was entitled Conscious Connection through non violent communication.

    WHAT A WORLD WE WOULD LIVE IN IF EVERYONE stopped for one moment in their day and made a conscious connection with a stranger. Simple: Yet Profound,



    • And yours is a beautiful story too Dianne! Thank you so much for sharing it. And yes, it would be a wonderful world!!!!! Love ya too — sorry I missed last night. I was too too weary when I arrived home to drive off again! 🙂 Next time.


    • They are made in Tibet — leather strand with colour leather ribbons and a peace symbol in the center. She told me that they don’t actually kill animals for the leather, just use one’s that die and the bone of the peace sign is the same! 🙂


    • Awww! I miss ya and still love ya too! And thank you — now…. I love to receive the awards but I don’t actually accept the things I have to do for them…. it reminds me too much of chain letters and I hate breaking chains so I just don’t accept them! But I do thank you lovely Chrissy for the honour! Hugs. We still have to all get togeterh!


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