Laughter makes a difference

I laughed last night. Deep, bellyful laughter that reverberated through the room, lighting upon each of us in shimmering joy.

It was healthy. Fun. Invigorating.

It made a difference.

It began with a comment from one of the four of us gathered for a meeting. We had been talking about the collaborative power of the ‘peace circle’. Howard, one of the Summer of Peace originators, mentioned how each meeting he wanted to work to the Agenda, but the agenda kept taking a backseat to the creative process of being in the space of allowing the peace initiative to appear and evolve through the generative process. We were all in awe of how it happened. Of having been part of such a peaceful and, yes, miraculous, happening.

“But I missed my agenda,” added Howard.

Later, as we talked about what we wanted to create together in our new initiative around “The Essential Journey” one of the attendees teased Howard and said, “Is your middle initial ‘A’ Howard?”

Howard’s jaw dropped. Kerry went still and I looked at him askance. Excuse me?

“For Agenda,” he clarified quickly.

We all breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh good,” I inserted into the silence. “For a moment I thought you meant azzhole and couldn’t believe you’d call Howard that!”

And a huge guffaw erupted out of Howard’s body. His laughter was contagious. We all started laughing, because, truthfully, the A was a bit ambiguous and it could have been completely misconstrued had Ian not clarified his intent.

Later, I received a lovely email from Howard thanking me for my willingness to speak what is in the room, openly and honestly.

Like yesterday’s post about being conscious of my thoughts, I also need to be conscious of what I’m saying. Sometimes, saying what I’m thinking gets me in trouble.

It’s so much better when it gets me into laughter.

Laughter is healing. It energizes my body. It lifts my spirits. Laughter reminds me to not take myself so seriously. To not be so concerned about what others are thinking about me — because really, they’re probably not thinking about me in the first place!  It’s just my ego that would lead me to believe they are, thinking about me, judging me, measuring me against some unknown yardstick I’m not measuring up to when, there is no yardstick to measure up to.

I laughed last night. Deep satisfying laughter that spontaneously ignited feelings of joy. And in laughter’s healing grace I was reminded, we are all connected. And when we connect through laughter, we create more of what we want in the world — feelings of harmony and joy.

Laughter makes a difference.




And my Make Peace Happen poem is all about the laughter.

This is where peace becomes.



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