Love is always the difference

It is Sunday and time for a guest blog, except, I didn’t bring my laptop, just my iPad and my folder wtih guest blogs in it isn’t on my iPad…. so… you’ll just have to wait until next week for a guest blog!

In the interim, a Sunday of quiet appreciation. A Sunday filled with gratitude and Love – and a really short blog as it is a quiet day for reflection and grace and ease.

There is a  world of joy living with a grateful heart. Or, to put it in a different frame ofreference as I read at A Course in Miracles this morning, Love is the way to walk in gratitude.

I am walking in Love today. Walking with my heart filled with gratitude, thankful for this day, for the sunlight outside my window, the quiet of this house which is also my home in a city I am learning to enjoy. It isn’t place that makes the difference, it’s being with the one you love, and here is Love.

And it is Love that always makes a difference.


11 thoughts on “Love is always the difference

    • Thank you Joanne –when I was working at the homeless shelter I’d ask clients in classes I taught — what do you want more of in your life — and they always answered, Love, peace, respect, family, community, connection…. money and things never appeared on the list until way, way down the line.


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