Peace is possible.

There is a sound to peace rising. It hums sweetly, a gentle murmur of assent as hearts align and spirits take flight to places never before imagined.

There is a feel to peace descending. Buttery softness melting into a river of calm, it flows through and around, over and under, drawing me ever closer to that place where I become One with the Oneness of my being all that I am meant to be in this world of wonder.

I read on a comment at the amazing Julie Goyders, “Wings and Things” blog this morning that set my mind a-wondering….  Victoria wrote in response to Julie’s post, Blogging is writing, “I wonder if the internet will yet become the way to peace between different religions & races.”

What a powerful thought. To use this medium to create more of what we all need in this world. Peace. Love. Harmony and joy.

To use this billions upon billions of bits and bytes of data floating around in cyberspace to create a web of peace that cannot be broken. Cannot be undone. Cannot be destroyed.

Imagine. A world of peace.

Imagine. Peace all around.

Imagine. Peace  In your heart. Your hearth. Your world.

Last night I got inspired once again by our capacity to create what we imagine. Our band of ‘peace angels’ met to talk about upcoming events in Summer of Peace Calgary. Once again, Judy Atkinson of Circles of Rhythm has stepped into the light of bringing peace to the banks of the Bow River. Saturday will be her third annual Drumming on the Bow — and while I can’t be there in the afternoon (we are celebrating my mother’s 90th birthday!), my spirit will be peaceful knowing, the beat of peace is reverberating along the river, out into the streets and homes of everyone in this city.

It was, as it always is, an inspiring evening of connecting into a circle that has one intention — to create peace where ever, however possible. To make peace, in our hearts, our minds, our families, our homes we must first accept — Peace is possible. Peace is within us to create, to be, to live.

There is always peace. It is a choice we make with every act, every word, every thought. It is a question we can ask with all our intention focused on peace in every circumstance in our life — Will this create harmony or discord?

And if the answer is ‘discord’, we get to choose to do otherwise. To take a different path. To drop the angry response. To let go of our weapons of self-defense and move into that place where peace reigns within our hearts so that we can radiate peace with every breath.

Peace is possible. It’s believing it is that makes the difference between accepting what is as what must always be, or knowing, what is, is not forever when we choose to walk away from discord and flow into the peace our hearts yearn to know.

Blessings and peace on your day.




8 thoughts on “Peace is possible.

  1. Elgie,

    Lennon would have liked you. So would Lenin. Peace, peacefulness .. even if it takes conflict and turmoil to reach it is, as we would likely all agree – is an objective, desire and worthy pursuit.

    In theory.

    In practice, the world has never known it.

    I applaud you and your colleagues – every bit helps.

    But, we examine our world and see – anywhere – in our natural non-human world where peace, absence of conflict and brutality in some form does not exist? We all live because there is a balance of nature, a food chain that is neither dog-eat-dog or dog-eats-kibble … so why are we humans so intent on harmony and peace being the best way, only way, most desirable way for humans to live when it seems to be in our nature, as it is in NATURE, for their to be a never ending struggle for survival of the most fit, squabbles over territory, possessions, food and …. females. (sorry, I had to squeeze in something about men competing for women!).

    In your opening you used the word buttery. I immediately thought of that Taber corn I cook, roll in butter, perfect rows, slightly curving, of nature’s perfection … and then the violence with which I bite, after bite, devour its goodness. This is violence against corn, I know, but we need to eat the delicious corn . . .

    I admire greatly your pursuit of peace. I see you, at best, contributing to a more peaceful world, but never complete peace . . . until all the corn is gone!



    • You always make me smile Mark. And that’s a good thing.

      I disagree — violence is not in our ‘nature’. it is part of our history and, as we are adaptive beings, we have learned to adapt to it being here. But we are also evolutionary beings, and we desire peace more than we desire war — which gives me hope.

      enjoy your corn! it does taste good!


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