Pleasantly disturbed Friday’s make a difference

It is raining this morning. Cool, soothing moisture falling from the sky. “The angels are crying,” I used to tell my daughters when they were little. And when the angels cry, we must dance in the rain to bring out their sunshiney smiles again!

Have you danced in the rain lately? Have you danced?

I found a new blogger this morning — aren’t you in awe of how much amazing goodness there is to read on the web? — Thanks to my friend Diana Schwenk (again) who lead me to Joanna at Momentum of Joy and her blog today, In the Mirror. A delightful ode to not ‘feeling’ old or having to act your age, Joanna encourages all of us to bring out the child within and play with her/him today.

It’s raining this morning. A perfect morning to dance.

Dancing is powerful. There is no destination in the dance. No need to get from point A to B. It’s always about the rhythm, the motion, the emotion of finding the beat and being one with its call to set free, let go, let loose the constraints of the daily grind to grind it out through the rhythm of your heart beating in time.

To dance freely is to not hear the music but to feel it. To let it move you from the inside out. To not be in tune with the notes, but to get between the notes and your thinking mind and fall into step with not being in step with the world but at one with your being present in the world.

I heard a man interviewed on CBC radio yesterday — or a snippet of an interview before I had to get out of the car as I’d reached my destination and needed to be on time for a meeting. He was talking about silence.

“There is no such thing as silence,” he said. “The world vibrates at a certain frequency and because it is always vibrating, there is no such thing as silence. Vibration by its very nature produces sound.”

Can you hear it? The earth’s vibrational hum? Perhaps that is what we do when we move into stillness, into meditation. We still the noise outside to hear the vibrations within. And in our deepened place of hearing, we attune our hearts and bodies with the earth’s pulse and become centered on our natural rhythm within, without being drawn by gravitational pulls into discord and unease.

It is what happens for me when I dance. I let go of thinking I know the beat, and let my body guide me into finding its own rhythm within and between each note. In Gabriel Roth’s five rhythms work, the final aspect of ‘the wave’ is ‘Silence’. You dance freely, moving through Flowing, the feminine energy into Staccato. Sharp, angular motions that rise the crest of the wave into Chaos where the feminine and masculine duke it out in the discordance of letting your body fall through each note. Exhausted, you naturally descend into Lyrical, that place where all is in balance, in the flow, in harmony as your pulse quiets and you find yourself sinking into the gift of Silence.

In Silence, you seek nothing, want nothing, need nothing. In Silence, you simply rest as the body calls you to be present to the space between the notes.

Ah yes. It is raining today.

Time to let go and be childlike in my wonder of life. In my awe of this beautiful, precious gift of my life and your life and life all around me teeming with energy and noise and beauty and harmony and discord and joy and sorrow and all the rainbow of emotions that swirl around and in and under and out and through me. Always.

It is raining today.

Time to dance!

And… this blog is inspired by my friend Glynn at Faith. Fiction. Friends. who irregularly shares his Pleasantly Disturbed Fridays which was inspired by Duane Scott who appears to be on holidays, somewhere… 🙂

See — all things are connected. One idea sparks another and a thought is born and spreads out to become something of wonder to witness and savour and share!  What we think and share makes a difference. Thanks Glynn!

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