A Croning Celebration makes a difference

I love ritual. Love the idea of it, the need of it, the power of it.

Which is why, when my beautiful friend Marilyn asked if I wanted to be part of a Croning Celebration, I jumped at the opportunity.

Imagine! A group of women coming together to celebrate all that makes this third cycle of our lives incredible.

Imagine! 10 wise women plus a ‘maiden’ gathered in a circle to consciously choose to welcome in the changes time has cast upon us through our being here on earth as women.


And there I was, one of 10 Crones gathered in a circle to mark the passing of the years, the flowing out of the childbearing gifts of our bodies, the gathering up of our power and the releasing out of our wisdom. I was there. I am that woman. That Crone.

I am blessed.

Cheryl Hinds, our amazing guide last night at the Croning Celebration, created a delightful evening designed to invoke spiritual reflection, dignity and wisdom. She spoke of time passing, of bodies changing, minds opening and filling up with the knowing of who we are.

She spoke of wisdom gained through living our lives through infancy to childhood, adolescence to maiden and mother and now, Crone. We shared, the wisdom we want to give the world, the gifts we want to bestow, the beauty we want to reveal.

We laughed. We meditated. We donned purple capes and wreaths of flowers. We clasped amethyst and cast out concern and trepidation of our aging and welcomed in the wonder and beauty and sheer delight of being women of this age. We set our intentions, made our commitments to ourselves and eachother and the world. We declared our intention to be true to ourselves, to walk our talk, to become a link between the wisdom of the ancient and recent past, women of today and the women of the future.

It was amazing.

Heartfelt. Joyful. Memorable.

And it made a difference.

To mark this age, this third cycle in my life,  this place and space and being in time where I can say with joy and elation, I am a Crone. I am one of the circle of elders. I am wise woman. Seer. No longer the ‘doer’ I share my wisdom and gifts with those around me to illuminate the path with my light of knowing the power within must move without to become the shift we must all make to create a world of wonder. A world where peace rises through the ashes of the past where we believed to ‘have more’ and do more was the answer to creating and being more of who we want to be in the world.

Having more is not the answer. Becoming more attuned to the rhythms of our bodies, the cycles of our lives, the wonder of our hearts — these are the places where we find the more. these are the spaces where shift happens, miracles unfold and beauty awakens.

I took part in a Kroning Celebration last night.

Ritual. Laughter. Joy. Women gathered around a flickering candle. Women sharing that which makes us so powerful. Our beauty. Our community. Our age. Our gifts.

I am grateful.





14 thoughts on “A Croning Celebration makes a difference

  1. I was thinking of you along the way Maureen and your upcoming birthday this weekend! I thought — wouldn’t it be wonderful if you and Joyce and Diane and others could join together and celebrate!

    Hope you’re weathering the aftermath of the storm with grace and ease.



  2. I too love ritual, Louise, and what a beautiful one you had! I know I am getting closer to that third cycle and have many women friends around in the same ballpark. I do hope when we get there we’ll have something similar. I so love this idea!



  3. What an awesome “coming of age” celebration! We need to do more things like this to affirm the value of people at all ages and stages of life.


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