3 things make a difference

Snow Statues on the deck

Snow continues to fall, the world around me remains silent.

Ellie the wonder pooch is in heaven. She loves the snow. Loves to dig her nose into it, to fling it up and watch the snow fall all around.

Me. I’m not so delighted. Especially if I have to drive.

And yet, I am grateful.

1 Thing I am grateful for:  I have a car to drive. A warm home, albeit even though the furnace is making a thump thump noise and the man who was going to come and listen to it, or is that look at it, didnt’ turn up. I have electricity, my cup of coffee with foamed milk I steamed myself in my espresso machine. I have an energy-efficient heater at my feet in my office, the water in the fish tank burbles delightfully in the background while Harry, Sally and Sue, my 3 amigos of the aquatic world dart about grabbing specks of food. Marley the Great Cat sleeps on my mouse pad which I have now relegated to his domain. I have discovered that even in the digital world a mouse and cat do not get along. The mouse does not work well on a pad covered in cat hair.

I am grateful.

This morning, my friend Diana sent me over to Lisa’s blog, Cycling Grandma, for a visit. Lisa lives near the Jersey shore. Her world is still engulfed in the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter that dumped snow and frigid temps upon the region yesterday. Many of Lisa’s neighbours still don’t have heat and electricity. Many are sleeping in the YMCA gym, showering and eating in a communal space they were not anticipating would define their world in the aftermath of the superstorm. “Many people are entering their 10th day without power”, writes Lisa.

Sheltered Spaces

2 Thing I am grateful for:  Yesterday, my eldest daughter text me a photo from her office window. The skies were crystal clear in Vancouver. The temperatures warm. The ocean a tranquil blue expanse touching the distant horizon. She thought she was being ‘cute’, sharing the beauty all around her. I thought she was not as funny as she thought she was!

And I am grateful.

My daughter took the time to share the world around her — that means something right? She wasn’t just trying to rub it in that her world does not include snow and frigid climes? Right?  🙂

More importantly, last night Alexis helped create an event at the Wicked Cafe in Vancouver called, True Talks — an evening of dialogue around the way our bodies are viewed in the media, by our gender, by our communities, cultures, and how we see ourselves in our own eyes.. People spoke about their experiences, they shared and connected and encouraged and inspired each other to keep taking steps into well-being, to keep taking steps to make a difference.

I am inspired by my daughter. And I am grateful.

She is making a difference. She is making her world healthier, brighter, more open and honest. And, what she is doing is rippling out into the world to create waves of difference in how we perceive and see ourselves, our bodies, and our capacity to make change happen.

3 Thing I am grateful for:  Last night my youngest daughter and I connected over a late dinner at ‘our restaurant’. It’s just around the corner from her place, a five-minute drive from mine. It is our  Thursday night gig. Chatting. Sharing. Laughing. She just started a new job and is loving it, but she misses the sense of making a difference she felt working for the United Way of Calgary and Area. “I’ve got a plan,” she told me. And her plan includes going back to University to get an MBA with a focus on Social Responsibility. She is committed to making a difference.

I am grateful.

My world is filled with love and beauty. Light and laughter. My world is a place where I find myself expanding into the wonder and awe of being where I am, who I am, how I am right now, in this moment now.

I take a deep breath and let gratitude fill me up with joy. I am grateful.

Our Mayor Naheed Nenshi has a campaign asking Calgarians to express 3 things for Calgary they can do. Today, mine is to express 3 X 3 things that I am grateful for.

This was my morning list of 3. I’ll be back this afternoon and again this evening to express my 3 Things.

What’s on your gratitude list today?

11 thoughts on “3 things make a difference

    • thank you Julie! I really appreciate your words and sharing. I tried to respond to your post this morning — Are You Asleep Yet — but I couldn’t.

      it is so exquisitely tender and beautiful and heart-breaking — I didn’t have words.

      Your strength and courage and love are amazing. Be well my friend. You are a gift to the world.

      this is the link to Julie’s blog — have a box of kleenex on hand.


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