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Has anyone ever had this happen?


Something very odd happened yesterday. I wrote a blog. Posted it. Had a couple of comments on it — and now it has completely disappeared. Vanished. Gone.

I can even see what the issue is — the date is gone from the page. I’ve tried to fix it. Gone in and inserted the date into the permalink — but to no avail. It doesn’t like the date.

What’s even funnier is… it’s not the blog I wanted to write originally. I wanted to write a blog about my youngest daughter whose birthday was yesterday.  But, I am under strict orders not to write about her on my blog (unless I ask her first). So, I didn’t.

But her sister did.

And in her blog Alexis mentions the arrival of aliens 25 years ago and their plot to gain intelligence about life on earth by leaving behind this being called, A Sister, when she the eldest and proud holder of the status ‘only child’ was a mere 18 months old.

I remember the day well. It was cold. Really, really cold and there was a nurse’s strike going on. Sometime during the morning of the 30th, while putting the final touches on the sponge-painting I was doing of what would become Alexis’ bedroom until L (the code name for the not to be written about younger sister) was old enough to share it, I felt a gush of water escape my body. I didn’t mention it to my then husband. I wanted to get the painting done, and I didn’t really want to deliver a baby during the nurse’s strike. Being 8 and a half months into my second pregnancy I thought maybe my bladder had just loosened up a bit…

A few hours after said water incident, I thought I’d best mention it and Grant, my then husband, suggested I phone my doctor. Now, I should explain, I had no idea what ‘labour’ felt like. Having somewhere in the mix been given a diagnosis of ‘an incompetent cervix’, (seriously, that’s what my doctor called it) I never went into labour with Alexis, and wasn’t feeling any pangs of her sister wanting to push her way into the world. So, I can be excused for not really thinking this might be ‘the big event’.

My doctor however, had no such qualms.

“I’ll let the hospital know you’re on your way,” he said.

“Um. Well… Can’t I wait until after the nurse’s strike,” I asked hopefully. I mean, my first daughter was 19 days late. He’d booked a C-section for me after nothing, and I mean nothing, could make labour begin. I was two weeks before my due date. Maybe it really was just my bladder leaking…

His response was immediate and rather curt I thought. “No.” and he hung up.

Which is why, a mere three hours later, I awoke from anesthetic and groggily reached out to hold the infant Grant extended to me. She was tiny and perfect. An exact replica of a human baby.

But, according to her sister, I was duped. She’s actually an alien.

Go figure. Nobody told me.

All these 25 years I’ve thought this amazing, incredible, gifted young woman was a natural born human.

Just goes to prove the power of a mother’s love. Doesn’t matter where the child heralded from, a mother loves it anyway. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

And so it is.

Now, as to the missing blog. I think I’m going to fool the aliens who stole it and repost it as a brand new blog — and I’ll just change the date in the permalink to yesterday. Ha! Take that you extraterrestials you. Thought you could trick me did ya! Ha!

But… just in case — has that ever happened to anyone else? Posted a blog and it appeared only to disappear later on? It’s not in my list of posts. It’s not at the top of my page when I load in my blog. It’s not anywhere… except it is — because I can access it through the link on my FB page.

Very curious. Very other-worldly eerie.

But then, it was a curious day yesterday. The celebration of the birth 25 years ago of an alien form who has transformed my thinking around love and compassion and being real in this world. The celebration of the coming into this world of my out of this world delightfully amazing youngest daughter.



And today’s Every Day A Poem is posted:  Waiting for the Light

Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

17 thoughts on “Has anyone ever had this happen?

  1. Louise, that has never happened to me, but it is strange…love that you’ve got such talented daughters! Hugs to you! They take after their Mama!


  2. It happens, I think, when WP is changing things and, yes, has happened to me too!


  3. Happy Birthday to your little alien!


  4. Alien or not, she is perfect, as is her sister. Your blog always starts my day off perfectly sister dear. Lots of love, Jackie


  5. In fact I have had a similar experience.

    On my website, the entire page of my bio was gone. I mean absolutely blank! Everything else was there, though. So I called my webmaster and told him that my personal information page had been beamed up by aliens. I had been abducted! “no, no,” He said. “It’s just a glitch in your browser so you may have to refresh, is all. After all, I can clearly see you.” So, not quite believing him, I put out the alert and asked some friends to find me. Sure enough, I had been abducted from their page as well and all the refreshing would not bring me back.

    So now I am back, but in a different form! My “about” page is set up differently than the others. Hmmm. Very weird. Maybe my webmaster is the alien!


  6. Speaking of aliens, my new little grandson is due sometime in March. According to the ultrasound, there is a slight resemblance. I know he will be beautiful though. Late birthday blessings to your daughter.


  7. Yes, I have had that happen when I wrote and saved the post as a draft on my iPad. then a couple of weeks later when I revised and published the post (on my computer) the date WP set as it being published was the date I drafted it which meant it would of course be down the list in people’s readers or wasn’t showing at all because I could not find it on the reader (as I set myself up as a follower of my own posts so I could test this). So I tried changing the date to being published on the day’s date and it still did not show. It was showing in my dashboard where I could edit it but not on the public viewing areas. Eventually I copied and pasted it into a new post.


    • That makes sense to me Elizabeth as I started to create it on my iPad and then moved it to my desktop. Hmmm…. note to self. Don’t switch! I did what you suggested and pasted the whole thing in again and then set the date as yesterday. 🙂 Thanks!


  8. That is weird about your post, very curious. Happy birthday to L! She is lucky to have you!


  9. I read this at work on my phone yesterday and wanted to reply but it was so busy! But this was a great chance to say, I wish there was a place for questions like this! I was wondering has anyone ever had a picture from their post disappear and then replaced by an oval with a dash in it? I never would have even seen it that it happened because I rarely go back and read my old posts but I had a blogger here, give me the gift of going back and reading my posts from the beginning to today (how amazing is that?) He comments on a lot of them and this particular one made me go back and see that a post of a car was gone. It was just a silly post about wanting to be young and had a convertable. It was actually a photo a friend sent me of his old car… not one on line that I got from anyplace I don’t know… It just bugged me and I wondered if anyone knew about that symbol (the oval with the dash in it?) Thanks for answering if you do.
    Thanks Louise for this post! We really do need a place to just ask questions like these! 😉


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