Writer at work. Please do not disturb

I have come to a decision. A realization actually and, in its awakening, I have made a decision.

On March 10, 2007, I began writing on my brand, spanking new blog, Recover Your Joy. For the next 5 years I would write almost every day in that space, creating over 1600 posts. My intent when I started Recover Your Joy was to ignite my practice of writing every day. I wasn’t into readership so much as instilling within me the habit of daily writing.

And then, I met all these amazing people — like Maureen at Writing Without Paper, and Joyce at Imagine Joy Art, Diane at Contemplative Photography and Glynn at Faith. Fiction. Friends. There are so many wonderful people I’ve ‘met’ through blogging and as time went on, the daily contact with them began to create a beautiful weave and warp to the tapestry of my life. Blogging no longer became about the habit of writing daily. It became an act of friendship, a means of staying in touch, of keeping myself connected to some pretty incredible people.

And, it became an excuse.

I realized just how much of an excuse it had become when someone asked me the other day, “How’s the book coming?”

Truth is, it’s not.

Oh, of course, I’ve got my excuses. I’m a busy gal you know! What with saving the world and feeding starving children in Africa, and finding a cure for anything that ails humanity, oh and of course, writing a blog every day, I’m a tad distracted.

The book? Well, it’s languishing.

“Oh that’s too bad,” the one who asked me the question said after I told them it was coming, ‘slowly’. “I was looking forward to reading it,” they replied.

Yeah, well. At this pace, that may be never.

And that’s when it struck me. I spend two hours every morning online writing and reading posts. I get up at 5 so I can keep up with my blogging circle. I love it. It is wonderful — but… it’s become my reason for not doing something I want to do. Finish the first draft of Lessons in Love: Everything I know about being human I learned at a homeless shelter.

I am using writing a blog every morning for my reason for not working on my book when seriously… I don’t have to ‘find more time’ to write. I’ve already got the time to write.

It’s not time that’s the issue. It’s what I’m filling my time with that’s the issue.

It’s time to redirect. Refocus. Revamp my writing time.

Which is what the decision is all about. Instead of writing here, I’m going to be writing over there, at my desk, pulling together the pieces of this book that wants to be breathed, and written, into life.

It’s my choice — and that’s what’s so important — writing here has also been my choice. I get to choose differently today.

After 6 years of writing a daily blog, I kinda get that I have a writing discipline. In the writing world, content is king — and I’m queen of my domain.

So… here it is.

I’m taking a hiatus. I’m not going to be writing here daily — I may drop in once a week to say hello, but I kind of think I need to do this cold turkey — I need six months of head down, fingers to the keyboard, to work on my book and I’m gifting myself permission to do just that.

I’m walking my talk. Putting my attention on what I want more of in my life and doing it!

It also means, I won’t be reading and checking other bloggers as much. I need to keep my focus on what I say I want to do — write this book — and not distract myself with reasons why I don’t have time to do the work.

My blogging friend Lisa Rosenberg really drove the point home for me with her blog the other day, Back: A Book revised, a Reading Coming Up — she’d been away for awhile and turned up full of news about the second draft of her book she’d finished and a reading she was doing, and I realized — I need to learn from Lisa’s experience how to put up my “Writer at work. Please do not disturb” sign.

And then I realized — it’s pretty easy.

Just put it up and get to it.

So… I apologize in advance if I’m not commenting on your blogs and keeping up with all your amazing goings-on. I love connecting with each and every one of you, and right now, I need to take a little holiday to create space in my world to live the life of my dreams.

See you soon!

PS — I will be continuing to post my daily poem at A Poetry Affair, as well a photo of what I’ve given away (now that I’m back from being away I’ll be picking that up again).

28 thoughts on “Writer at work. Please do not disturb

  1. Louise, like everyone said to me: no need to apologize. Thank you for the mention, too. It was good to empower myself to leave off blogging for a while to focus on one project. You deserve this book-writing time, just as the rest of us are eager to see your finished book one day. I love your title! I think I speak for many of your followers in cheering you on.


  2. Decisions. Resolve. Easy to make. Hard to keep. I FEEL your angst. I’ve asked myself similar questions (coming up on 10 yrs. for my daily column). I think you are right. It can, and likely does, slow the momentum on other things. For me, the daily committment is part to self, part to others. Of course, we write for ourselves. The ‘sharing with others’ part keeps us humble, keeps us connected and won’t let us off the ‘avoiding reality’ hook we can so easily excuse ourselves from.

    I wrestle the same issue … with several ‘these thoughts want to be a book’ piles in my office. I realize, just as I fought to make my writing time MINE, I can carve out the time for the book from the rest of my day. As I can for exercise, eating, socializing .. and working at my job of running a business.

    There is no good or bad, or right or wrong, in your decision.

    You are only obliged to do two things:
    1. be the best you that you can be
    2. call me so we can finally do that interview!!!

    Cheers, hugs and very best wishes for your ‘next’ project and for the book,


    p.s. and I predict, ‘she’ll be back!’


  3. I’ll miss you here everyday but finishing something that you’ve been pondering and dreaming over is exactly the right thing to be doing. No apology needed, especially as this is your space and you can do whatever you like with it.
    Take care lovely and I look forward to reading the book when it’s all done! xx


  4. What an inspiration you are personally for me to get my things going! I believe that I am going to keep my daily blogging going for a while, but when I move to the states in the summer, it’s time to refocus. I wish you tons of luck & inspiration! Sending you peace & love.


  5. You will be sorely missed by so many Louise but am really pleased that you are going to work on your book. My mornings will feel so different as I always started out by reading your blog. Luckily for me, being your older sister,I can just pick up the phone to say hello. Gross Bisous (big kiss) from me to you, Love Jackie


  6. OK…the comment that I thought that I had posted isn’t there but just wanted to say that I will miss reading your blog every day. Wishing you all good things in writing your book, inspiration and wisdom which you possess. Love you little sis, Jackie


  7. Well dear Louise, I could never figure out how you accomplished so much. I wondered if Canadians got a couple extra hours in the day because you have consistently written posts for your blogs and held down jobs and managed your home and family. You’ve made a definite difference in many, many people’s lives and now it’s time to give to yourself. If you want to write another book,, then you need to ‘give back’ to yourself.

    p.s. I wrote about you on my blog this weekend. ;-P



  8. I so get this. I made a decision early last fall to spend less time on this but now I’m in the midst of a writing project and finding that even the “less” may be too much. It’s hard not to peruse the “reader” since so many people are kind enough to read my blog regularly and yet it is sooo time consuming… And I’m tired of sitting at the computer by the time I finish so, for instance, I’m now about to wander off without any more work on my book because my body is screaming for yoga and my brain is sick of looking at the screen…


  9. I”m cheering you on here in New York City!!! Go with the momentum. Your blog and solidifying a daily routine has lead up to this time. It is the right time!!! Please keep us posted on your process. Wishing you congratulations in advance. You will achieve this. All my best.


  10. Just the other day I read in an ‘about’ section, something like ….”before I started blogging I used to walk, read, do poetry, cook, write, sew, look after my children etc etc ….” you get the point.
    Good luck with the book 🙂


  11. LG,

    It’s only been a few days.

    Looking for your site each morning – to see what your mood was, to see your inspiring observations – looking to see if I agree, or wish to debate …. was such a lovely habit. One I valued. One I miss.

    Do you miss your daily connection with us all?

    I, for one, miss it.



  12. Your words will still be a gift. It’s just that this time we’ll have to treat them as they deserve … worth waiting for!! Good luck with the project and will see you soon at that “other project”!!


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