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What am I waiting for?


 If art is an expression, it only flourishes when people have the freedom to express themselves.

Art and Sacredness: A Hostile Relationship by SAM MCNERNEY

So… I am starting a food challenge. Two weeks of “Cleansing with Food” via my friend Barb Rempel and her cohorts at Cleansing with Food who have created a website along with a cookbook and a workplan to aid in the cleanse.

You may wonder what the quote above has to do with a food cleanse. What’s the connection?

This morning, as I was reading through Barb and her partner Kim Marchuk’s brand new cookbook, “Cleansing with Food” (it’s really beautiful) I was inspired by their creativity and passion. It struck me that while I am over-flowing in how I express my creativity outwardly, I am not so inspired internally. If what I eat is a reflection of how I feel about myself, or what is going on within me — then I’ve got a whole lot of cleansing to do to make it a creative expression of the beauty and wonder within me.

I have the freedom to make good food choices. I’m not exercising them very well.

Which is why I’ve decided to engage in the 2 week Cleansing with Food Challenge.

I have been noticing my eating habits of late. With a daughter as courageous as mine who writes about her journey through healing from an eating disorder every day (The Wunder Year), I have been given a mirror to see where I have used food to soothe, beguile, avoid and hurt myself. I am not the cause of her disorderly eating. I do, however, acknowledge that my own relationship with food is not, and has seldom been, healthy.

I don’t binge and purge, but I do ignore my body’s appeals for  food that nourishes, nurtures and celebrates me. And the best way I can support my daughter, and myself,  is to clean up my act.

I express myself through food — but not in healthy ways.

That is going to change. And I am the one to change it.

Last week, at my Essential Journey mastermind group, one of the members commented on how when wanting to make major change, we all wait for someone else to come and ‘fix it’. Or give us the magic pill. Or provide us the missing pieces.

We’re the one’s we’re waiting for, he said. There’s nobody else who can do it for us.

His words resonated.

It’s true. Inside me is that place where I have always been waiting. For the right time, the right space, the right reason, the right anything to make the changes I want to make. I’ve been hoping someone would come along and say — hey! I’ve got all the answers. I can ‘make you’ into (fill in the blanks). And then, pouff! it would happen and I would be…. that ‘other’ I’ve always wanted to be — without having to do the work of making change happen.

It ain’t that easy. But it is that simple.

There is no one coming. I am already here. I already am all I want to be. And within me, I hold all the power, ingredients, capacity, tools, knowledge, wisdom, muscle, authority — you name it, I got it within me, in spades, to make any changes I see fit to create a world of wonder within and all around me.

What am I waiting for?

Anyone can join in the 2 Week Cleansing With Food Challenge. Just click on the link and get into action. There’s no magic potion. No secret ingredient, elixir or concoction to drink. Just a knowingness and desire to get clean, and engaged, in eating it all right.


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

4 thoughts on “What am I waiting for?

  1. i love that you’re looking at food creatively
    ….it can be such a celebration, can’t it.
    and an expression of our artistic lives.
    i too feel better and enjoy life’s sweetness more
    when i use food lovingly.
    joy to you in your journey, beautiful friend,


  2. Louise,
    I loved this so much I put a quote on my facebook page: Heal Now and Forever Be In Peace. Your words touched me and I think so many people can relate. I am trying to eat cleaner and stop binging also. I just have me and my own resolve to help me!


  3. Thanks Jodi — I can feel the energy supporting us as we travel this resolve together!


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