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Carry On!


Sometime ago I signed up for a daily “Message from the Universe“. This morning’s message reads:

Everyone’s scared, Louise.

Few carry on.

Keep calm,
The Universe

PS – I mean really carry on, Louise, as if it were your reason for being.

 When I was young, the Carry On movies were big. Farcical British humour that poked fun at… well, just about everything. I don’t remember much of the particulars of the movies, all I remember is that they made me laugh.

And laughter is good for the soul.

As I was writing this post this morning, however, I thought I’d do a quick check on the Carry On series and discovered — there were way more of them than I remember! From the time the first Carry On movie was produced in 1958 to the last in 1992 a total of 31 of the low budget were released. 31. Oh my. Who knew there could be such silly humour in the world?

I was curious what it was about the films that made them so appealing and decided to watch a few clips. Mistake. They’re not really all that funny — just rather slapstick and still, they do make me laugh, or at least smile. And perhaps it is a sign of my ‘age’, but I find their sexist outlook and low brow humour a tad tawdry!

Harumph. Maybe it’s my attitude that needs a shift.

Maybe, I need to take myself a little less seriously!

The other day, driving down a hill from a girlfriend’s house, a man leapt out from the sidewalk onto the road and started swinging his arms and yelling at me. At first, I thought there was an emergency, that possibly something was wrong and he needed help. I slammed on my brakes, intending to see what I could do to help, but he kept screaming and yelling until I realized, there was nothing wrong. He was telling me to slow down. I laughed. I was driving at 41 km/hr. The speed limit was 40. I knew my exact speed because moments before I’d driven past a large lit sign that flashed my speed as I drove past.

Harumph. Maybe he needs to take himself a little less seriously — especially as he might have caused an accident had someone been directly behind me when I hit my brakes.

On Sunday, my mother and I were just finishing up at the Farmer’s Market and rather than make her walk all the way back down the market to the side where we were parked, I told her to sit by the door where we were and I would bring my car around. When I drove up to the entrance, there was a woman sitting on her walker seat right in the middle of the pick-up zone. As I was only going to be a moment to get my mother and her walker, I parked in the first available handicap spot. As I got out of my car to get my mother who was walking slowly towards the doors, the woman yelled at me. “You can’t park there! You’re not handicapped.”

I smiled and replied, “True. But I’m just picking up my mother and couldn’t park in the loading zone because that’s where you’re sitting.”

“I’m waiting for my cab,” she replied.

And I helped my mother get in the car, wished the woman a good day and drove off.

Harumph. Maybe she needs to take herself a little less seriously.

If I could fix the world, maybe that’s what I’d do — make everyone watch all 31 of the Carry On movies just so they can see how ridiculous we humans can be in our insistence that we are the only one’s who get it right and need to tell the rest of the world how to do it.

Now, I know that man on the side of the road was doing what he was doing because obviously they must have an issue with speeders on that roadway. And I know the woman on her walker was only trying to ensure I wasn’t abusing a handicap parking spot because they often do get abused, yet, I wonder, if there isn’t a better way to create change.

Patrick Lencioni in The Advantage, talks about the 10-70-20 principle. Spend your time supporting your 20% he says. Don’t divert your energy to those who are not your most ardent supporters. Don’t spend your time trying to convert your detractors. Focus on making your 20% shine. When your 20% shine, others will want to bask in their glow.

And so, I come back to what I’ve always known. Rather than ‘harumph’ my way through moments of discord, I shall simply return to what creates more of what I want in my life and world — joy, harmony and love.

“Bless them. Forgive me.” I chant my mantra calmly, peacefully, lovingly.

And I begin again.

What a glorious day to awaken to this morning. Blue sky. Trees are budding, Birds are singing and life is a beautiful banquet of opportunity waiting to be devoured.

Letting go of harumphing my way into my morning, I spread my wings, lighten  my spirit and Carry On! Bravely. Joyfully. Peacefully. In Love. With Gratitude.

Message received loud and clear. Thank you Universe!


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

8 thoughts on “Carry On!

  1. Louise,

    A suggestion for you/your mom; have her physician complete the standard form, go to a registry office and get a handicap placard so, when you are transporting her, you can hang the placard on your rearview mirror and be allowed to use the handicapped stalls. I have one (or, rather my dad has one) and we are allowed to use those stalls when I take him to medical appointments, or a restaurant, or the mall.

    As for the grumpy woman waiting for a cab, good for her! … we all need to be vigilant in keeping those designated stalls available for those who really need them!



    • My sister has one for my mom Mark.

      I also believe that even when I’m trying to ‘right the world’, I still have a responsibility in how I deliver my message. Sharing my grumpy just creates more grumpy! 🙂


  2. I think that we live in a world of busy bodies! I loved your calm reactions to the example of yet again… bored people who I loved how you put it…take themselves a little too seriously… worry too much about other people’s actions.
    I have to admit, I took an accessibilty class years ago which was required for Managers to take at my company… I do notice businesses lack of accessibility features i.e; parkinglot or curb, door entrance things… because I KNOW but I very rarely ever do more than notice. My store that I used to have was riddled with lack of cuz it was in an historical building not required to build handicapped restrooms etc… since we did not have public restrooms to begin with but I learned that if it is a new building you have to have handicapped restrooms in case you hire an employee with disabilites…. It blew me away. People had to spend ten grand to put in an accessible restroom even if you were the only employee. That would be discriminating to say you never planned to hire an employee that might perhaps need a restroom with those features.
    I think that knowledge makes people crazy. LOL. I am way off the subject and rambling now.
    I loved this !
    Thanks for the smile.
    You make me want to be a better person by not snapping back at those doofusses! 😉


    • Accessibility is such a big issue Diane — and you’re right, the costs are stunning. I don’t know that there is an easy answer, but sometimes I wonder if in our desire to make it accessible, we make it inaccessible for others because of the cost.

      Thanks my friend!


  3. Wow you’re just breaking laws left, right and center! haha I love your attitude – Happy Friday!


  4. Yes, we definitely need to let go of those people and events that do not allow us to shine.


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