A Friday Round-up

My friend Diana who has a new look for her blog, Talk To Diana has a Friday Pick every week. I love the idea. To share something from another blogger you find inspiring, entertaining, interesting so that others can meet new bloggers, explore new ideas.

Today’s Pick is by KatrinaLabra — I Want You.  Well forth the read, and then an explore of Katrina’s site. A self-identified ‘teenager’, Katrina’s writing makes me smile and laugh and wish I was so young again if only to feel so much, hurt so deeply and be so open to exploring new ideas and thoughts.  (Thanks Diana for the lead).

While I don’t know that I can, or will, do a specific day for picks, I do love the idea of sharing fascinating blogs I read — which is why I am also linking in Maureen Doallas’ Writing Without Paper. Like Diana, Maureen is always sharing amazing finds and Friday’s are her All Art Friday round-ups — interesting exhibits, shows, art happenings that inspire, move, engage hearts and minds in the wonder of creativity. HINT — today’s offerings include a video of water sculpture that is sure to make you go WOW! and do watch the Nancy Dwyer video — fascinating!

Diane Walker at Contemplative Photography has been matching her beautiful art and photographs to poetry for sometime — even when she’s not sharing the poets Rumi, Rilke, Oliver and more — her words and images stir my soul and lift my spirits.  Do drop by. You soul will be grateful.

Kathy Richards over at Katdish has strong political views and opinions. She teaches me constantly about right from wrong, left from right and also about the vagaries of the political winds south of the Canadian border.  Always a fascinating read, Kat never ceases to amaze me with her grasp of what’s really happening in this situation — and her insights always wake me up. This week, Kat posts about the latest IRS debacle and its ability to unite left and right and everyone in between — and the Jon Stewart video she shares is definitely a ‘must watch’.

I could go on! There is so much great stuff out there in the webosphere. But, I must get on with my day. Miracles are awaiting, dreams are unfolding and life is opening up with wonder and awe.

And… the rain is falling. For those fighting against rising flood waters, my heart goes out to you. For those staying warm and dry, stay that way. The rain will fall and then, the sun will shine once again.

I am grateful for this day.


14 thoughts on “A Friday Round-up”

    1. I like the idea of your ‘distraction breaks’ Laura — Take care of you too Ms Beauty! And I think you know a great deal. There is nothing being hidden. Nothing I’m not saying other than — I wanted to connect people I care about and admire with people I care about and admire! And what a wonderful circle we create when we all share our beauty! Hugs


  1. LG,

    OK, fine … send people off in different directions – but you can’t fool me.

    Why didn’t you write this morning?

    Why are you holding back?

    Deflection and re-direction – so nobody sees you.

    When you are celebratory, you shine all over everyone.

    When you are hurting – you hide-out.

    What’s wrong?



    1. Very perceptive Mark, I do exactly the same, but isn’t okay to hide-out sometimes?
      I’d like to think that Louise would know where we were if she needed to say something was wrong,
      But maybe you’re right to push the question, what do I know after all?!


    2. Mark, perhaps you see a reflection of something within you. There is no hurting. No hiding-out on my part. I know my heart and my heart is filled with joy — hence, my desire to share. That, and, I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired to write myself this morning — so many inspiring words to read and share and when others shine, I feel the light shining on me. I love that feeling.


  2. Thanks for the mention Louise – I was surprised when I looked over Katrina’s site to find out that she is a teenager! But why should I be surprised – there is no age restriction for creativity! Stay dry!



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