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Life is good and I am joyful


Life is filled with magical molecules waiting to burst upon every moment.

They were dancing in the air all around me as I walked across the 10th Street bridge towards the north side of the river. Sunspots sparkled on the water that flowed benignly beneath its concrete arch. It is the same river that just under 2 months ago raged and overflowed its banks, flooding over its shoreline into the downtown core and beyond. Yesterday, the sun shone, a gentle breeze drifted in from the west, the sky was peacock blue and all evidence of the river’s fury had been swept away.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I was on my way to a meeting to talk about an event for Homeless Awareness Week with a woman from This is My City (TMC), the arts group that works with and within the homeless community in Calgary, building creative bridges that span the divide between both sides of the street.

ST is a visionary. I first met her at a TMC board meeting several years ago when I sat on the inaugural board for TMC. We had recently run into eachother at another meeting and I’d pitched my idea of using a song she’d written for last spring’s TMC Festival as the foundation of our Homeless Awareness events this year. Excited to be engaged in the initiative, we’d set up a meeting to talk about possibilities.

When I arrived at the coffee shop where we’d agreed to meet I found ST standing by a table chatting with three young men. “They’re helping me translate the words to a song I’m writing into Spanish,” ST told me as I walked up.  I smiled and listened as the three men, all of whom were musicians, shared thoughts on music and guitar playing and the joys of recording their songs (which is what they had taken a break from to come and grab a coffee). One man was from Barcelona, another from Brazil and the third from somewhere in the southern states. Suddenly, the man from Barcelona unsheathed his guitar and said, “I have a song to play for you!”

And that’s when the magic happened. There in the middle of a cafe on a sunny afternoon in Calgary, he began to play and sing his guitar, the rich tones of his voice sultry with the Spanish of his birth. ST began to hum, a beautiful melodic stream of sound that flowed beneath each note as natural as a bird singing in the sun. The man from Brazil sang the words to the chorus and I listened, my heart singing for joy.

It was magical.

Later, ST and I talked about what is possible if we dream big and forget to let our fears take rein and I was reminded that there is only one way to make our dreams come true. Believe and Do. Or, as Napoleon Hill once coined — Be. Do. Have. Be committed to Do what it takes to Have what you want.

Later, I was gifted with an invitation to meet up for a glass of wine with a young woman who worked with me as a summer student when I was at the shelter. She’d gone off to finish her undergrad degree, moving to Australia for a year and now to China for the past year where she teaches English. JM was responsible for Terry Pettigrew, a client at the shelter who was dying of cancer, receiving his Christmas Wish of a trip to Mardi Gras. Though Terry never had the strength to take the trip, the story of Jessica’s gift and Terry’s desire to make a difference before he died, garnered considerable media attention. Because of a story in the Calgary Herald, Terry’s family reconnected and I met two amazing people — Terry’s brother Larry and his wife, Bev with whom I still stay in touch today.

Talk about a string of magical moments suspended in time!

And then, to cap the day, I answered an invitation from DB, the meditation master of the group I often attend on Wednesday nights, to celebrate in an impromptu group meditation last night in honour of the Leo full moon that would reach its zenith at 7:46 pm. His invitation read, “Leo stands in a unique relationship to the sun at the heart of our solar system. The planetary and systemic alignment established at this Festival is a heart/soul alignment. This alignment is evocative of the cosmic principle of Love and Freedom.”

I couldn’t resist an invitation of a night of heart and soul alignment after so many magical moments strung like glistening pearls upon a day of wonder!

As I drifted into a restful and refreshing sleep I felt the magic of the day wrap itself around me in a welcoming blanket of heartfelt joy.

There is so much magic in this world and all I need to do to experience it is open my eyes and heart and arms wide and leap into the experience of living it up, moment by moment, on the others side of my comfort zone!  All I need to do to know the magic in every molecule is breathe and be present!

Life is good and I am joyful.



Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

9 thoughts on “Life is good and I am joyful

  1. Sounds like a magical day indeed. Who knows, maybe we can all experience these, if our hearts open.


  2. I felt good and joyful, reading this post. Thanks, Louise!


  3. Wow what a day……………….this was a very uplifting post but then most of your posts are ok I lied all you posts are uplifting in a good way as if there is a bad way to be uplifting……………………………..lol


  4. This statement “Life is filled with magical molecules waiting to burst upon every moment” are quite simply the most evocative words I have read in the longest time – love ’em


  5. Thanks for the description of the magic of making music in the moment!


  6. Joyful.
    That gave me peace today.


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