Imagine. And so it is.

Love has no desire copy

No matter your spiritual belief, imagine for a moment that you are the divine expression of amazing grace. Imagine that your body embodies all beings. That you are the sacred expression of Love, everlasting.

Now imagine that you are no longer the “I” of your being alone, but rather the unification of the “We” of our humanity. It is not you and you and you, it is “us” and “We”. Always has been and always will be, “We”.

We are all connected. The many. The all. The one. The everyone.

And in our unity, there is no expression that can separate us. There is no being that is not me and you, connected.

In our unity I am you and you are me and together we are the expression of our truth.

In our unity, there is only one thing to express, one thing to know, one thing to Be. Love. For we are all the sacred expression of all that we are when we are nothing other than the all that we can be. Love.

These thoughts drifted through my mind this morning as I meditated in the early hours. A deep sleep. An early awakening. The quiet before the dawn. The peace within the stillness.

In the silence it is so clear to me, so accessible.

There is no separation between us. No you’re this. I’m that. You’re wrong. I’m right or vice versa. There is only ‘us’. Only the oneness of my being expressing itself through our human being Connected. Compassionate. and Loving.

In the stillness I know it. Feel it. Am embraced by it. Become it as it becomes me. Love.

Full. Complete. All-encompassing. All-consuming. All-giving. Love.


And so it is.

For a moment, imagine that this is the truth into which each of us is born. Imagine that as I see you, you see me and in our shared experience of one another there is nothing that we can see or know or be except Love.

And now, imagine that through these eyes of Love we accept one another, exactly the way we are. Imagine that we are one another, exactly the way we are. Imagine that what I am doing right now, what I am typing, these words you are reading are your words, your fingers moving across the keyboard. Imagine that I am you sitting here in the quiet of the night, the desk lamp casting a golden glow upon your fingers, the quiet hum of the laptop the only sound except for the click of the keys as your fingers type.

Imagine I am you and you are me and in this moment, right now, this Love is your Love. Full. Complete. All-encompassing. All-consuming. All-giving.





8 thoughts on “Imagine. And so it is.”

  1. Hi Jennifer! My belief is that the minority is growing larger! At least, if those of us who get it, continue to hold the space for others to join in, we’ll grow larger and larger!

    thanks for dropping by. 🙂


  2. They could be my words, my thoughts–that’s when I find it easy to feel the one. Harder when I don’t like the words or thoughts. I’m a work in progress on that one. Lovely post.


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