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What I want more of in my life.


There is a moment in Choices, the life development course I coach in, where each trainee is asked “What do you want more of in your life?”

When asked, you would think most people would reply, fame, fortune, success, or something along those lines. Yet, in having asked that question of many, many people, not just in the Choices room but also in the homeless shelter where I used to work and in other seminars I present, the answer is always deeper, more heart-driven, soul-inspiring than the obvious.

Once, I asked it of a man who was once a boy soldier in his native Africa. He was convinced there could never be any ‘more’ for him. He was convinced that he was measured by his past, and would always be known as a ‘bad man’.

“Is that who you want to be in the world? Is that what you want more of in your life?” I asked. He was one of twelve students in a self-esteem course I was teaching that is part of a job-readiness training program held at the homeless shelter. 

Upon hearing my question he shook his head, no, no. “I want to be proud. I want to be a good man. But I have done so many bad things…”

We went on to explore what is possible when we let go of limiting beliefs and move into that space where miracles shine in every day moments, creating joy, hope, love and so much more with every breath. At the end of the course, he came up to me and said that he’d never realized how much his thoughts were creating his reality. “I’m going to think better thoughts from now on,” he told me.  I hope he has.

It is something I wish and hope and want for everyone. To think better thoughts. To fill their minds with thoughts of how amazing, powerful, incredible they are.

Our thoughts inform our actions. And when our thoughts tell on us in negative ways, when our thoughts remind us of how small, bad, pathetic, horrible we are as human beings, our actions reflect what we’re thinking. And in acting out from our lesser thoughts, we create a world of limitations within ourselves and all around us.

We are capable of greatness. We are greatness in action.

It is our birthright. 

Yesterday, as the five day training wound to a close, one of the trainees came up to me and told me I was contagious. “When you shared on the first day I didn’t believe anyone could be that happy, that joyful.” They went on to tell me how they’d been watching me throughout the course of the five days to see if it was true. Was I really that happy or was it just an act. “Thank you for helping me trust in others. Thank you for showing me what is possible. I’ve been so focused on not trusting the world, I’d forgotten how to trust.”

When asked, “What do you want more of in your life?” my response is always, joy, passion, Love, peace…. I want to infuse and infect the world around me with a sense of ‘the possible’. I want people to know that life is a journey of wonder, it is a voyage into the unknown of tomorrow through the gateway of today — and when today is filled with what you want more of in your life,  the unknown isn’t scary, it’s exciting, amazing, incredible. It’s WOW!

To live my WOW! everyday, to know no fear and to feel alive and radiant means living in the creation of what I want most in my life, every moment, with every breath. It means measuring each thing I do and say against the question ‘what do I want more of in my life?’ and then asking myself, “Will this create more…. joy…passion… Love…. peace?”

And if the answer is “no”, it means having the courage and conviction to take a different path, to find the thing that will create more of what I want and live it.

We all have a past, we all have done things we’re not proud of, that brought us down, that hurt those we love, that damaged relationships, that tore apart our dreams and left us wandering in the darkness of that place of wondering, is there any ‘more’ for me?

Yes there is. More.

As is often asked at Choices, “If better is possible, is good good enough?”

It doesn’t matter how dark your past or how circuitous the journey you took to get to where you are today, what matters most is that each and every one of us awaken to the beauty and wonder of who we are in this moment right now and state, without hesitation, without fear, without discrediting or disbelieving what we are capable of, the thing I want more of in my life is…….

And then, breathe into it, be it, live it.

And so it is.


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

17 thoughts on “What I want more of in my life.

  1. You are contagious!! At first when I read this… I thought oh no Louise forgot a word in her Title. LOL.
    But I understood as I continued reading. I love when you write!
    I also think that you really are someone who has taken good out of something so horrible and made it into a blessing!
    I wanted to share one of my old poems with you… that I wrote before I think that you and I connected! It kind of fits here today.
    Have a blessed day


  2. interesting this thinking about thought.


  3. Hi, dear blogging friend. It feels as if it’s been forever since I sat down to read blogs. This blog is exactly what I needed to hear today, as I made a little commitment, just through myself out there to the universe, and now I am feeling excited and a little guilty about it. But, I know that it was right. I know that it will bring me more of what I want more of…

    Thank you for sharing this message!! xo


  4. I am so grateful I met you here, Louise. Thank you.


  5. I aspire to the day when people want to know if I’m really that happy all the time. Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. This was interesting and made me think…………..what do I want more of in my life………………………I am not sure there are times I want more time for me………….but really I don’t know


  7. I was very touched by the man who wanted to regain his pride and be a good man. The greatest mystery of all is how we who know our failure to love others — even our propensity to hurt others — can be worthy of love and forgiveness. We know it is not because we ourselves are “wonderful” — yet we are graciously given the power to become like the One who Loves us. We truly do have power in our choices. We can choose Light, even after having chosen darkness. This is an amazing truth, and is the Good News we long for.


  8. He was very inspiring Susan. At one point I told him that I didn’t see him as a ‘bad man’ but as a magnificent human being — and he told me I needed better glasses :). I then invited him to close his eyes and imagine, for just a moment, that he was magnificent. He had tears in his eyes when he opened them because he could see and feel and breathe into that place of his magnificence. It was an amazingly beautiful moment. And yes, we do have power in our choices. Hugs


  9. “If better is possible, is good good enough?”…. so what is the answer to that question?

    hmmm. that is one to think about.


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