Are you willing to shine?

What are you resisting? What greatness do you fear expressing? What inner beauty do you hesitate to unfold, hold or simply allow to be present in your life?

What are you resisting?

Long ago I did an exercise in a course I was taking that asked each participant to write their own eulogy.

It wasn’t easy. The voices of self-doubt, the one’s that leap into the fray of living brilliantly and say, oh you can’t say that about yourself, people will think you’re conceited, vain, uppity up, kept interfering with the process. Which was kind of funny when I really stopped to think about it. I mean really? I’m supposed to be dead when this thing is read and I’m still worried about other people’s opinions of me?

As part of the exercise we were invited to set the scene for our funeral. Where is it? What’s happening? Who’s there? Who’s not there that you would have liked to have had there?

That was the tough one. Who’s not there?  What did their not being there say about our relationship? What was left unresolved. Unforgiven? Incomplete?

That was the kicker, for my eulogy to express the truth about me in the future, I had to live my truth today, To leave this world without any discord lingering, to rest in peace, I would had to have dealt with the unresolveds. The unforgivens. The incompletes. Before I left.

How was I going to do it? What was I willing to give up to not leave these issues behind? What did I need to create, hold onto, let go of, make room for, to ensure every day was filled with what I want more of while I am living so that when the time of my passing comes I would leave behind only the best of me? Joy. Peace. Kindness. Love.

Tough questions to face when death seems far away — and yet, important questions to examine in the here and now if when the time comes, only the best of me ripples out into the ever after.

This morning, as I sat in meditation tendrils of that exercise and the eulogy I wrote drifted through my mind embodied in the question, What are you resisting stepping into Louise? What greatness are you not expressing? What story will you leave untold in the fear of shining brilliantly today?

I believe we are born great. Magnificent. Brilliant. We are created of these things. They are our essence.

And then life happens. The memory of our brilliance dims as we fall into the circumstances of our lives. We forget our magnificence is inherent in our being as we unfold our human condition into the comfort zone of playing it small, playing it safe, playing it ‘normal’.

What greatness am I not expressing? What doorway am I not entering? What threshold am I not crossing?

Great questions for me to breathe into as the day awakens and I step into my day holding onto nothing but the brilliance of the sunrise caressing my face reminding me that this is my one and only life. Live it up. Live it now. Be all that I’m meant to be in this moment, right now. It is all there is to hold onto. All there is to breathe into. This moment. What will I fill it with? What will I create? What am I being with all my heart?

I do not know the day and time of my passing. I do not know when death will come knocking. What I do know is that no matter how unexpected, or known that moment in time will be when all breath leaves my body and I am still forever more, to leave behind what I want more of in the world today, I must live the truth of my being who I am today in every moment. I must live in the now. I must let go of fear of my own brilliance and shine bright.

What are you resisting? Where are you hiding your light?

What are you willing to do to create a world of peace, harmony, Love and joy, right now.

Are you willing to let go of fear and shine in Love?

Are you willing to SHINE?

Please say yes!


12 thoughts on “Are you willing to shine?”

  1. LG,

    Two things come to mind immediately from your piece. Three actually.

    1. .. you won’t go silently!

    2…. a trick Lister Sinclair spoke of … about not putting words down on paper until the deadline – because, until you do, it is all fluid, creative and can be re-ordered every moment – but once you put the words on a page, they take on the consistency of concrete

    3. in his book Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success, Deepak Chopra suggests making two lists – one of our deepest desires and one of our unique talents. When I did it I edited lots the first while, to get it clear what belonged there, and what didn’t – and with the priority I was putting on each. I’ve kept the list mostly intact for about 22 years, though I modify the priority, or at least review it annually. Anyway, Chopra suggests taking that list into our meditation twice a day. I walk twice a day – don’t meditate like you do. But, each time I go out the door I have my lists with me in my wallet. I look at them often. And I smile.

    And, as for obituaries .. I thought about writing one – to have avaialable – for my dad about 5 years ago. I’m glad I didn’t. He truned 91 in July and I know I would write a different one now than I would have 5 years ago. As I will in a year, or 2 or 5 from now.

    My two cents!



    1. I love the wisdom and honesty in your comment Mark — and I too love the idea of two lists and taking them into meditation — or on walks which in so many ways is just another form of meditation!

      The exercise with the eulogy was quite powerful — it definitely gave me pause to think about — what is it I would want on my lists?

      Thanks my friend!


  2. Very inspirational, Louise, thank you. I know i have held back, resisted taking things on usually because I’ve put family before myself or pursuing a “bigger” career. I’m not sure I’d have been happier but wonder sometimes.


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