How Fascinating!

It is one of those occasions. One of those mornings that doesn’t happen very often but when it does, I dance for joy.

I slept in.

Yup. Me. The one who awakens at 5:15am, without an alarm clock jarring me out of my slumbers, everyday — including on weekends. The one who needs 6 hours sleep every night. Who cannot get back to sleep once she awakens, even if she didn’t get to bed until after midnight.

That one. That me.

I slept in.

Which also means, I’m running late. Not a lot of time to write. No time to read. No time even to meditate — but I did it anyway because that’s an essential. My morning meditation is what sets my day up right. It’s what moves me into the day open-hearted and peaceful minded.

I just made it shorter than normal.

So, as I am late, and as I need to get running, right now, this post is short.

Which means, in lieu of my words, I’m sharing a video I believe worth watching.

I shared this one several years ago on my Recover Your Joy blog — it is one of my favourites.

From — Conductor Benjamin Zander has two infectious passions: classical music, and helping us realize our untapped love for it — and by extension, our untapped love for all new possibilities, new experiences, new connections. (Recorded March 2008 in Monterey, California. Duration: 20:46.)

11 thoughts on “How Fascinating!”

  1. Oh boy can I ever relate to your story Louise. I have been like that since I emerged from a hard winter last spring. ?Every night 4 to 6 hours of sleep and then up. Now I do treat myself to a nap and if I am getting ready to go on a shift in the afternoon or evening I must get some rest or I wont be able to do my job. But for me it is an affirmation of renewed life and energy after a prolonged period of stasis. Vive le vie!
    Blessings and Namaste, Shalom, Salaam Aleikum, Pax Vobiscum, etc
    Your friend and fan


  2. Isn’t it great when we get to sleep in, I know how I love it when I get to sleep in, I also do not need an alarm to wake at whatever time I want to wake my body just seems to know when it is time to get up


    1. How cool is that! I am sitting here at my computer reading your comment as you’re reading mine — and…. I’m editing my book. Oh my. I’m actually getting to it, so that I can get it up on Amazon. Miracles do happen! 🙂

      How are you? it’s just starting to snow here and we have a snowfall warning! ugh….. 🙂

      Love to you my beautiful friend — and yes, Zander is amazing — like you, music lives in every breath he takes.


      1. Well, my laptop and I have now made it down to the living room — because I needed coffee and Don’s not here to make it for me. 🙂 He’s off at a guitar workshop this weekend, so I’ll be hosting girls’ night here tonight. So at some point I’ll have to say goodbye to my laptop and get on the panic-cleaning, but… maybe after the next cup of coffee…

        So happy the book is getting edited — can’t wait ’til the finished product! Mine’s on hold until I’m in a better head space, and can put a positive spin on it instead of whining. 😉 It’ll get there when it’s time, that’s what I figure.

        We did have a bit of that icky white stuff a couple of weeks ago, but I got mad and yelled and it hasn’t come back. 🙂 We’ll see how long I can scare it off, but mid-October was too early for this part of the world! It took so long for autumn to arrive, I want to enjoy it a bit longer.

        Much love to you and your crew! Might be time to get myself dressed and into panic-cleaning mode. 🙂


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