Life is a masterpiece waiting to be created!

“Always use your imagination masterfully as a participant, not an onlooker.  Extend your senses.  Imagine that you are seeing what you want to see, hearing what you want to hear and touching what you want to touch.  Give your imagination all the tones and feeling of reality.”
˜ Neville Goddard ˜

Imagine that 90% of your thinking is controlled by your sub-conscious. Imagine, that of the 10% remaining you use only about 10% of your brain-power.

Now, imagine your sub-conscious minds believes you are not worthy, or undeserving, or a loser or any number of negative things it whispers to you in the dark. Imagine, you don’t really know what it’s whispering but you do know that whenever you set out to change, you keep falling back into old habits, old ways, no matter how much or how loud or often you tell yourself otherwise.

What do you think is going on?

Research shows it’s your subconscious at work. No matter how much you ‘believe’ in the present that you deserve the best, can achieve the most, or create the all you’ve always dreamed of, your subconscious mind trips you up — unless you get real and present with your subconscious thinking.

But how can you get clear on something you can’t see?

Well, I wash my hands to get rid of bacteria I can’t see to ensure I don’t get sick from creepy crawlies that are invisible to my naked eye. Maybe my subconscious is the same? Maybe the creepy-crawlies I can’t see are messing with my life. And to wash them away, I need to keep taking action to create the life I’ve always dreamed of.

Maybe it’s not about believing in the creepy-crawlies. Maybe it’s about believing in me. I can’t see my future, but I can imagine it if I trust in my capacity to create and have faith in the universe to turn up with me — because the universe is on my side. It wants, needs and desires for me to succeed, to be all I can imagine because in my success, it unfolds to the betterment of all humanity!

Whoa, that’s a tall order. Can it be so simple? so easy? So…. that’s the way of the world?

I’m beginning to see it can. It’s a matter of choosing to live in faith, or fear.

There is so much in this universe I do not understand or know. There are so many mysteries out there waiting to be explored, looking to be embraced, seeking to be seen. And at any given time, I am either operating in faith, or fear. When I’m operating in fear, I’m looking for all the facts, figures, details, minutiae so that I can know, without a shred of doubt that something is real, the right thing, the best course, the only way, the correct step, the ultimate answer to my life.

When I’m operating in faith, I need no proof. I trust. And in that trusting place, I hear that small, quiet inner voice urging me on, giving me direction, shining a light on the way. And in its presence I just do. I leap. I soar. I fly free. I embrace life. I don’t focus on the ‘how’, I stay committed to the ‘what’. 

It begins with setting an intention. With consciously choosing to state what we want more of in our life.

And there’s the thing –sometimes, we’re not clear on the ‘what’.

Sometimes what we do know is what we don’t want –  …I don’t want to feel broken, or broke. I don’t to be overweight. I don’t want to keep driving a rattletrap. I don’t want to keep doing this dead-end job. I don’t want to keep washing other people’s dirty dishes. I don’t want to keep living in a dump. I don’t want to keep feeling like I’m a loser….

What are your don’t wants?

Knowing your don’t wants, it’s a small step in faith to move to the What do I want? – What is the opposite feeling of broken? What are the emotions connected to feeling ‘not broken’? When I’m not feeling broken, I will feel…. Happy. Empowered. Free. Complete. How will I look? Behave. What will I be doing? Achieving? Creating?

Life is not a paint-by-number design with every colour pre-coded to ensure the finished product meets the picture on the box.

Your life is a canvas waiting to be painted in with all the colours of the rainbow. It’s a process of creation. And only you can create the masterpiece of your life. Only you can throw the paint where ever you want it to stick and become your reality.

We each have the power to define it, imagine it, live it, breathe it, embrace it, become it.

We each have the time, energy and creativity to invest in our own lives — it’s just our ego likes us to believe we’re too, small, big, little, short, tall, fat, skinny, stupid, smart, uneducated, too educated, untrained, over-trained, over-qualified, over the hill.

None of that is true. It’s just the lie we’re holding onto with our subconscious in order to keep ourselves feeling safe in the fear of not living our dreams.

Time to wake up and LIVE and SHINE and BE FREE!

Have an amazing day on the other side of your belief you’re stuck. Get out there into the wildness of painting your life in all the colours of the rainbow!


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