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The Madison Christmas WishList is ONLINE

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Christmas at The Madison

The Christmas WishList

It is Christmas once again and once again, Christmas at the Madison is in full swing. The concert is over. The gift list is done. Now all that needs to happen is for the gifts to be bought, the dinner to be made and the celebrations to begin.

And that’s where you can come in. Each year, to support the veterans living at The Madison, a housing first initiative owned by the Calgary Homeless Foundation and operated by Alpha House society, we buy gifts for each of the 15 residents to provide them that special something they wish for this Christmas.

Thank you to Liseanne and Sinead who spent an evening at The Madison interviewing the residents to find out their wishes. Your willingness to share your time and talents are very appreciated.

The following are from the Interview Sheets each tenant was invited to fill out. Of the 15 residents, two didn’t want to fill out a form as they already have more than they need. They will be given a gift card to ensure they receive something under the tree on Christmas Day. There are still 3 forms to be uploaded.

If you choose to purchase a present for someone, please email me to let me know — louise[at]louisegallagher.ca  — and I will give you the instructions/address for the Madison — we ask that you please drop off the gifts to the Madison, or to my house, whichever is most convenient. I can be reached via email at: louise[at]louisegallagher.ca I’ll send you a confirmation email with the details once you let me know if you are participating and for whom you are purchasing a gift. If a gift has already been sponsored — thank you to the sponsoree — it will be noted in RED.

Thank you. I appreciate your generosity of spirit and your willingness to make a difference in the life of a stranger.

Blessings to you and a very merry and joyous Christmas!

The Madison Christmas WishList

Doug D.

Doug was born in Ontario where he served with the military. When he left the forces he became a tractor trailer driver and moved to Alberta for work. He has a 26 year old son who still lives in Ontario and dreams of being able to drive tractor trailer again and live independently. He’s working towards his goal and is grateful that he is no longer homeless and living in a shelter.

Doug likes to read suspense novels, listen to country music and watch shows such as Sons of Anarchy.

WISHLIST: Doug suffers from severe back pain and would like an Electric Heating Pad. SPONSORED. Thank you!

Peter P.

Born in Kirklandlake, Ontar, Peter is the second of 3 children. A former Navy man, Peter came to calgary in 2011 where he stayed at the Mustard Seed for several months until somone at Veterans Affairs told him about The Madison. He will be forever grateful.

Peter is grateful for the second chance living at The Madison represents for him. He likes that the building has controlled access and 24/7 staffing and that his apartment is newly renovated. He likes his home.

Peter likes to read historical non-fiction and fiction and has a yen for folk and country music and watching sports and documentaries on TV.

WISHLIST: Peter loves to read and would really appreciate a gift card to Chapters. Sponsored. Thank you.

Bruce H.

For some of the residents, providing details on their lives is daunting. One of the challenges of homelessness is often that your life is not your own — and thus when given a chance, it can take a long time before someone opens up. We are grateful Bruce chose to fill in what his Christmas wishes are.

WISHLIST: Bruce needs a new white shirt (L) and men’s underwear (Briefs – M) — or surprise him with anything! Sponsored. Thank you!

Patrick TC.

Patrick was a rifleman in the army and moved to Calgary from Victoria looking for a new way of life. A father of 4 children, Patrick is also an avid Flames fan. For Patrick, the biggest thing about the Madison that brings him joy is that — he has freedom in his own place because… it’s home.

Patrick likes to watch television and will reading anything — if it looks good, but he’s a country man when it comes to music.

WISHLIST: A pair of size 9 running shoes + a 2014 calendar. SPONSORED. Thank you!

Gerry Z.

At 70 Gerry is the oldest resident at The Madison. When asked what brought him to The Madison, he replied that they found him living in a park. What he likes msot about the Madison is that he is amongst people who care, it’s clean and very lovely.

He likes to read and listen to… you guessed it… country music and watch sports and movies on TV.

WISHLIST: He’s an XL in shirts, and would really like an Electric Mixer or a set of Double Sheets for his bed. Sponsored. Thank you!

James C.

James C. was born and raised in Alberta and has spent most of his life here, including when he was in the military. He likes living at the Madison as it’s much better than a shelter and because, it’s home. His plan is to volunteer somewhere after Christmas because he’d like to give back.

Like the others, his favourite music is country, but none of that new stuff. He’s a purist with the likes of George Straight. He doesn’t read much but he does like to watch Clint Eastwood movies.

WISHLIST: A pair of warm gloves SPONSORED. Thank you!  or a military style combat jacket in XL.

Blaine S.

Calgary born Blaine’s military career lead him to service in Cyprus, Lebanon and Germany. A heart attack lead him into homelessness where he stayed at the DI until coming to live at the Madison in May. He’s been teaching some of the guys how to play piano and is learning how to take care of himself again and how to be part of the community at the Madison. For Blaine, being amongst veterans is important because he feels he can connect better with those who understand his experiences.

Blaine isn’t a big reader but he’s definitely an accomplished musician able to play seven instruments including the sax, bagpipes, piano and flute. When he’s not playing an instrument he’s a movie fanatic, in particular horror and zombie films.

WISHLIST: Slow Cooker (a 1 – 3 serving one would be totally awesome!)  SPONSORED — Thank you!

Don K.

Don is one of 7 children born in Calgary. His journey to the Madison was initiated through Veterans Affairs, and he’s very grateful. He appreciates having his own place to live and that he gets to be the House Rep representing clients with staff of Alpha House.

Don likes old rock and watching sports on TV.

WISHLIST: A hat or scarf from the Boston Bruins + a 2014 Calendar. SPONSORED. Thank you!

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I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

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