I begin again: Happy New Year!

At Onement  36 x 36" Mixed Media

At Onement
36 x 36″ Mixed Media

It is time.

Time to let go. Time to renew.

I begin again.

On this the birthplace of a new year, the last day of 2013 begins to slip away as I prepare to let go of what was to allow what is calling out to be birthed in this New Year awakening.

It is time.

Time to travel inward. Time to evoke Spirit to awaken my senses to what is being birthed in the dawning of one year from the next.

I began with a journey into spirit this morning. The invitation came through my beautiful blogger friend and guide, Leigh at Not Just Sassy on the Inside, who invited me to encounter my Spirit Ally through the teaching’s at Karen Chrappa’s blog, A Structure for Spirit.  Using Karen’s voice as my guide, and following the call of the drums, I journeyed deep into my inner realms to encounter my Spirit Ally who has been there always, throughout time, waiting for me to arrive at where I have always been.

In the safe and courageous space Karen creates,  I met my Spirit Ally, The Eagle. She stood at the edge of a cavern deep underground and when she opened her wings wide,  the underside of her wings were brilliant jewels glittering like precious gems in every colour of the rainbow. I breathed in her beauty and a voice called out from deep within me, “We are all One. Beautiful creations of light, born to be magnificent in every dimension.”

The journey Karen leads you on takes just half an hour of real time, but in time’s passing, eternity opens up and I felt connected, in all ways, to life and living and stepping beyond the pale of every day into the wild side of creation.

It was an appropriate and fitting ending leading to the beginning of another year.

It is an excellent beginning of a year of At Onement. A year waiting to be explored from that place within me where I seek to know what it means, feels and is to live at one with all creation. At one with myself. With the world around me. With every human. With every creature, big and small.

At Onement embodies serenity. Calm. Joy. Awareness. It speaks to me of being conscious of the yin and yang of my existence. The light and dark of my being, human, alive, present, here. It speaks to being conscious of every footstep I take upon this planet earth, every breath I inhale, every word I speak, everything I do that has the possibility to destroy or create life in harmony with all.

I first wrote of this word that was calling to me on my blog in early December.  It’s entry into my consciousness began with resistance. A desire to push it back. Away.

In its common usage today, At onement is one word. Atonement. But originally, it was two, At Onement.

To be One with God. To be One with all Creation. To be One with All, requires repentance and forgiveness. It requires a giving up of ego states that would have us believe we are not enough, to give in to the pure magnificence of our human essence that lives at the core of all creation.

It is a good word for me to carry throughout the year. A good word to guide me, to enrich me, to direct me and deepen within me. I struggle with forgiveness. I struggle with acknowledging my imperfections, my mistakes, weaknesses, foibles. I struggle with maintaining the facade of ‘perfection’ that separates me from accepting my human perfection in all my imperfect doings.

And in its light I know, my intent is not to be perfect. It is to be magnificently human.

As 2013 draws to a close, I feel the opening of possibility. I sense the wonder of a new day dawning, of new birth, new life, new creation.

It is time to let go, to give up control, to surrender and fall, In Love.

A new year begins at the edge of the passing of the old and in  its awakening, I surrender my resistance. Free, I step into 2014 awakened to the possibilities of what can be when I set my intention to be at one with all creation in all I think, see, feel and create.

I am excited. With my Spirit Ally to guide and protect me, I begin again.

Happy New Year!

Happy Me!

Happy You!

Happy All!



9 thoughts on “I begin again: Happy New Year!

  1. Thank you Joanne! As you can see, I’ve got a new name, new look, new header — but it’s all me! 🙂 Happy New Year my friend down under. We’re just beginning the count down hours of 2013. How’s 2014 looking? 🙂


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