A wake-up call from Google.

Art Journal: theme DARE
Art Journal: theme DARE

The message was terrifying. A sad smiley face and the words written in soft blue across my computer screen. “Ooops. Google couldn’t find dareboldly.com. Did you mean darebody.com?”

No. I did not mean dare body. I meant dare boldly. I typed it into the browser bar again. Ahh, if fingers talk do you think Google can hear calling it an idiot beneath my typing?  Hope not!!!!

But then I wonder… maybe it can. I get the same message. Can’t find it.

What do you mean you can’t find it? I was just on it. Granted. It was all messed up. The formatting all HTMLy and linear with no graphics and little beauty. But it’s there you idiot. (note to self. Do not call anyone or anything an idiot, even in cyberland. It’s not good for your state of mind.)

Right. But where was I in my panic attack? Oh yah. Terrified to type the letters to my URL into my browser again just in case it was true. All was lost…

Dare I try it again?

My heart was pounding. My body tensing up as fast as a flash freeze  killing off all access to air as it wrapped its icy grip around the naked branches of a winter-bare tree

I opened a new browser. Entered the URL.


The cyber-gremlins hadn’t stolen my blog. It was all there.

But for a moment, I had thought it was all gone. I had believed it was destroyed. Vanished. Evaporated. Disappeared into the abyss never to be seen again.

It only took an instant. It only took one message to momentarily pull me from my path, to tear away my peace of mind and sense of rightness with the world.

Yeah. All it took to set my heart racing, my temples pounding and my pulse tripping was a message from Google.

Pretty scary.

I am constantly astounded, and fascinated, by how fragile peace of mind can be sometimes. How the voices of doom can be so close. How the victim’s call can be so seductive.

In the few moments it took for my blog to right itself, for Google to quit sending me dire notes, for cyberspace to give it all back in the right format, I fell into that place where messages of, “I told you so.” “It was bound to happen. Nothing ever goes right for you.” leapt into the darkness of my thoughts spiralling into doom.

Ain’t gonna happen.

But man, it sure is a good wake-up call to remember, the darkness is as close as the edge of the light.

It sure is a fascinating look into how easy it is to get pulled from ease into disquiet. To see how trust and all its demands continues to require my attention, my commitment, my Be. Do. Have of living life in the rapture of now, trusting in the process, trusting in the universe around me, trusting in the Divine to be one with me, of me, within me, championing my well-being, celebrating each step I take, in darkness and in light.

And yes, I know it was just a momentary glitch in cyberspace. No big deal.

But… when the deal is related to this space, this place where I have invested so many words, feelings, thoughts, ideas. This place that has taught me to be vulnerable, open, transparent and dare I say it, trusting. Well, the lesson is always there. The opportunity to dive deeper, learn and explore more, always present.

Cyberspace caught my attention this morning. And in its wake-up call, I was reminded to keep the light on what I’m doing and, to stay unattached to the outcome.

I was also reminded to do the right thing — like maybe, it’s time to backup my database?

Now that would be a good idea!

17 thoughts on “A wake-up call from Google.”

  1. dear ms. lost + found,

    running backup is a good idea – but probably not a solution to your problem this morning

    perhaps you miss-typed your URL …

    like so many things we expect ‘will always be there’

    like water in the tap

    light switches that work, lights that work …. and people who answer when we call

    some things die

    some things fail to work

    some things fail to explain themselves

    some things disappear

    some people disappear

    most days though, everything and everyone is in their place

    most days




  2. I think the good news in the story is how quickly you moved back to center after being pulled off. For me, I count that as a victory every time because I used to get pulled into a dither and I could stay in it for months…


  3. I just had a similar, sort of, experience. Only it was a very disturbing paycheck I received. I fell into that victim too. I had worked my tush off, with a damaged knee no less, and put in many hours. Just to get this piddly amount? Where was my gratitude then? I was pissed off! I am worth more than this! My time is more valuable than this! Which is all true of course. But one cannot go from being ungrateful and expect the universe to respond in that moment with gratitude. So after tears of rage, and a best friend kidnapping me for the night who showed me what a bottomless wine glass looked like, I feel way more positive and can find that gratitude today. In the past, it would have totally bent me in the wrong direction for a month! or longer! OMG I love being 60! Now I know to ask the Universe for more, from my open and grateful heart, and trust that Spirit has my back.


  4. It is interesting how those negative voices in our heads talk to us and tell us how hopeless we are. How I wish sometimes the voices in my head would go away! I am so glad that you answered them back and found your own voice again so defiantly.
    LOVE that attitude!


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