In this perfect flawed mess of my human condition.

In the perfect flawed mess of my human condition, the dust bunnies gather in the shadows of my out-of-date thinking rattling around in the corners of my mind. They shake up my status quo and pepper me with endless questions I cannot fathom and no longer spend the time of day trying to answer. Questions like… Why me? Why now? Why?

I celebrate their presence. They are part of me but they do not define me. It is in their being part of me I feel the depths of my soul calling me to lighten up! In its deep calling, I dance as if no one is watching on the broken pieces of my heart laid bare on the backbone of too many love affairs gone wrong that brought so much right into my being me through being with the one’s who were wrong for me to be.

And in the creative reaction to the juicy presence of the past rising up to greet me this morning, I am perfectly me in all my human imperfections.

I am delightfully free in all my fears of flying, dancing, leaping, spinning and careening about.

I am heavenly enriched in every attempt to cast off all doubts so that I can soar without fear of falling. Sail without fear of drowning. Sing without fear of being silenced.

In this perfect flawed mess of my human condition, I celebrate being me.

There’s no other way for me to be. And I am grateful.


PS — I originally wrote that phrase, ‘perfect flawed mess’ in Monday’s posting.  I hadn’t really thought about it beyond the initial scribing until a friend posted on FB and thanked me for the reference. (Thank you Danielle E.)

This morning, in meditation, the phrase slipped into my mind and wound its way through the stillness to reveal itself in the words above when my fingers reached the keyboard.

9 thoughts on “In this perfect flawed mess of my human condition.”

  1. LG,

    these words nail it, I think, in terms of what you are seeing:

    “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” – Francis Bacon

    It gives a whole range of other reasons for having a great taste for bacon



  2. Such a sweet relief to embrace our humanity, isn’t it.
    Learning to find beauty in the flaws is joy;
    I get so off kilter when I bleed shame over the
    Grateful for the deep breath of this inspire….thank
    you Louise:)


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