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Stop thinking and get to it!


20140404-072219.jpg I have started to jog again. Slowly. Step by step. Small goal destination by small goal destination.

Where once, I measured my distance in kilometers, now I aim for the tree at the bend and then, when I reach it, set aim for the next landmark/tree/bench/bend in the path to keep me moving ahead. I run. I walk. I run. I walk. But always I keep moving ahead.

I am rebuilding my muscle strength, reawakening my cellular memory to the act of running.

It is there. Those cells that remember the joy, the exhilaration, the sense of accomplishment in running. It is just that for a long time, they have lain dormant. They have stayed asleep.

I began last weekend. For months now (maybe even years) I have been telling myself, “I have to start running again. I miss it. I need to get in shape again.”

And my critter voice has responded. “Tomorrow. Not today, you’re too…. tired, hungry, busy.” Or. “It’s too cold. Rainy. Late. Dark. Early…”

Last Sunday, when I thought about running, my critter stirred and started its litany of reasons why not. But this time, instead of letting it have its say, I told myself to ‘STOP!’ GET TO IT!

I realized that it was my mind that was making me falter. My thinking that was talking me out of lacing up my runners and getting to it.

So, I decided to quit thinking about it and just — Get to it!

It is working. Each day as my critter has stirred and begun to chatter, I have simply stopped it, dead in its tracks, and laced up my runners. I’ve quit thinking about getting out on the trail, and gotten out on the trail.

It’s been wonderful!

Yesterday, as Alexis and I ran ahead of TZ who had stopped to take a photo along the path, I thanked her for giving me a new goal, something to look forward to for the future, I told her.

What’s that she asked.

To still be able to enjoy this experience of running around the Seawall when I am 80, I told her.

It is a good goal. A laudable one. An important one.

It is a new thought for me. To look that far into the future and decide what I want to be able to do physically to ensure my life has richness, depth, meaning.

I want to be able to run fast. To enjoy the feeling of my body being fit, in shape, flexible, supple.

I want to be able to get outside with my daughters and enjoy being physical with them.

And the only way it’s going to happen in 20 years is to ensure I’m taking care of myself now and building the muscle capacity to keep doing what I’m doing now, then. And if I stay stagnant now, I will be even more stagnant in 20 years.

Time to get to it!

And as Alexis said, “Not just with me mom. With your grandbabies too!”


They are not in the world today, but they will be one day and I agree, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to run and play and truly enjoy all the world has to offer as they grow up? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be outside, alive and fully present, my body strong and capable of running after them?

I can do it. It will be so as long as I stop my critter’s chatter and quit thinking about doing it and just do it. As time passes and I continue strong and my critter’s chatter fades into the distance of the past, my goal will become my present. Step by step, day by day as I continue to lace up my runners and get to it.

Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

20 thoughts on “Stop thinking and get to it!

  1. Inch by inch. I find the hardest for me is getting out the door. I try to put the clothes out the night before so I can’t avoid them, and try to run before anything else– I used to run much more, now maybe a short jog now and then. Yoga in winter, now that spring is coming, more time outside and will make myself go. Feel great afterwards as along as I ignore the kitchen and don’t eat up everything I just ran off. Good luck and have fun!


    • LOL — love your comment about the kitchen! So true. I too have taken to laying my clothes out so I can’t avoid them — Alexis and I are off for a yoga class in an hour!

      And isn’t this cool? As you were commenting on my post, I was commenting on yours — from opposite sides of the country, here we are in the same place. Love it!


  2. I hear a new book coming on … My Conversations With The Critters! Great post Louise … thanks for the uplifting message!


  3. Great post, Louise! It makes me want to run up and down the aisle of the NYC-bound train I’m on right now. I’ll be looking out for my own pesky critters, now. Thanks!


  4. Great post Louise. Bringing the feeling of exhilaration as you run with the see breeze and the image of playing with grandchildren are wonderful visions to motivate and set aside this darn critter voices 🙂


  5. Great goal to be able to do this with your grandchildren!
    Now that is what I call a glorious vision. 🙂


  6. I always put my running gear on before I muck out my horses’ stalls. Otherwise, if I come back inside to change, i’ll get too comfy! My poor Nike Air shoes protest this treatment….but hey….we all have sacrifices. Hooray for your new physicality!


    • What a beautiful image. Mucking out the horses. One of my all time favorite places to be is in a horse barn. And what great wisdom. Because you’re right. Back in the house, comfy takes over and all thoughts of running evaporate! And lol – the Nike Airs will survive! 🙂


  7. Yeah getting stuck in is usually the think to do but also the thing some of us really can’t get motivated to do


  8. Loved this! I started a running program two weeks ago, I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but I do. Keep going! You’re right, stop thinking and just do it.


  9. Exercice is supposed to release endorphins and out you on a High. I have done all sorts of exercises and have never yet felt a high from any of them. Except aerobic dancing, but that had to be from the peppy music…


  10. I love this so much! From the title all the way through, and everything you’ve shared makes my heart cheer! I too just recently stopped thinking about it and just got to it, and I am also cheering myself on with baby steps. You are a wonderful inspiration Louise! Thank you!!


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