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How to make the world a better place? Turn up the music.

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I am off to my presentation — early start so, rather than write my own blog, I’m sharing my eldest daughter’s blog from today.

Want to make the world a better place? Turn up the music and dance your heart out!

All About Onsies by Lexi McD

This weekend I bought a onesie. I know what you’re thinking – it’s only day 11 and you already went shopping?!

Well, yeah. But in my very short list of exceptions to my year of no shopping (which I forgot to write out here) I gave myself permission to purchase something for each of the five weddings I have this year…so technically, it wasn’t really considered cheating.

The good news is, even if I did break a rule it was a worthwhile investment. Because I am going to wear it to every single wedding I go to ever.  Read more…

Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

This conversation needs your brilliance to shine. Please share your thoughts.

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