It’s a miracle!

It is a miracle. A wonder. An incredible feat.

I never in a thousand years imagined it was possible. I never, ever thought we could do it! But it’s done. It’s here. It’s been made real.

C.C. and I are ready for Christmas. Early! As in, no spending until the wee hours of Christmas morning wrapping presents for under the tree. No Christmas Eve frantic dash through the mall searching for the perfect gift in stores bare of wares. And no artistic presentation of store bought cookies on a tray pretending they’re fresh from my very own kitchen.

We are done. Ready. Prepared.

Presents wrapped under the tree. Shopping completed. Cookies baked and lovingly nestled inside Christmas tins bought just for the occasion.

How could this have happened?

How has it come to be that we, the king and queen of last minute Christmas panic, are breathing easy and sipping eggnog by the tree with nary a heart skipping its beat or a hair laying out of place.

Preparation my friends. Preparation.

We made a list. Checked it twice. Divvied up the chores. Made a schedule and stuck to it.

Okay. So none of that is true. There was no list. No schedule of chores and definitely no sticking to a plan because, well, there was no plan.

Just blind luck and a bit of perspiration and a whole lot of inspiration.

Like, deciding to hit the downtown mall in the wee hours of Saturday morning before the crowds descended. That plan happened on Friday night while sharing dinner and laughter with a group of friends. “Have you finished your shopping?” someone asked and C.C. replied, “No. We’re going downtown to the mall tomorrow.” Thoughts of crowds and over-heating and standing in line with laden arms and short tempered people all around prompted me to say, “Yes, and we’re going to be there by nine.” Inspiration and desperation united! We were in and out by noon just as the hordes began to descend.

And we did decide that instead of going out one evening as planned, neither of us had the energy. So we decided to stay home and have a quiet evening together. C.C.’s suggestion of wrapping a couple of gifts turned into an evening spent wrapping and chatting and sipping on eggnog and discovering when it was all over that we were done. Finished. Completely out of more gifts to wrap.

And the baking? Well, I’ve always wanted to try making Lavender Shortbread and my essential oil kit includes Lavender and my step-daughter is Celiac and I wanted to ensure she had some treats and well if I’m making gluten free shortbread I’d best make non-gluten free too and the kitchen is messy anyway so let’s make a few dozen and suddenly, cookies made, tins filled and the aroma of fresh baking fills the house.

Which is why at 7pm last night, C.C. and I put up our feet and watched a movie together and didn’t worry about what’s left to be done. Because, there’s nothing, other than a few minor details and a dinner for 20 to prepare and bread to bake and…

Nope. Scratch that. It will all be as it will be. For now, we’re done.



Christmas can arrive any ‘ole day it likes and we’re ready!

Now that’s a cause for celebration.

But, here’s the challenge. I’m not used to be organized early. I’m not accustomed to finding myself space to relax and breathe into this most holy and mystical time of the year.

What a gift.

To simply have space to expand into the sacred nature of this time of year when the Christian world awaits the birth of a child who symbolizes the rising of peace, hope, love and joy for all humankind.

Believer or non-believer, we are a world in waiting. Waiting for a time when peace, hope, love and joy shimmers in the light of possibility dawning that to create the world we want to live in, we must be the change we want to see in the world.

May we all be that which we want for ourselves, our families, communities, country, world. May we all be that which we pray will descend upon our hearts and the hearths all around us. May we all become the light that leads the way for all the world to discover the gift of one another is not found in arms carrying weapons, but in hearts filled with understanding and acceptance for our differences.

May we all know peace, hope, love and joy.

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