No matter what, always love. Tales of Beaumont

Beau the Warrior Pup — Photo by Tamz

Before Beaumont entered our household I warned Marley, The Great Cat, that life as he knew it was about to end.

I should have told myself the same thing.

Puppydom is an adventure.

Sleep schedules are disturbed. House-proofing for puppy teeth is necessary. Vigilance essential.

And I wouldn’t change a thing, even the fact my schedule is more erratic, less predictable and definitely not always my own. But I am loving my naps!

Like having a new baby in the house, a puppy demands constant attention and continuous watching. A moment of silence and no sign of Beaumont in the same room is not a good thing. One minute a wooden box is just a wooden box for keepsakes, the next, it’s a teething ring. A mad spin playing chase about the house is just a happy dance until suddenly, in the flash of an eye, it ends with a squat and a small puddle appearing on the floor before I even have time to recognize the signs of nature’s call for bladder relief.

Where once every room had open doors, now gates block easy access through those doorways that do not have doors. Hardwood flooring is a gift. Rugs are either mistaken for grass or possibly the newest chew toy.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Beau the Warrior Pup is a gift. A wonderful, delightful, squirmy gift of love and licks and puppy breath and big dark eyes pleading for attention, yearning to get closer and closer to my heart.

And, he is a lesson in patience.

There is no sense in getting angry at a puppy. No need. They are driven by the moment, with nary a thought for the future, though there are moments when I lose myself in forward thinking ‘hurry-up this puppydom’ stage so he’ll be all grown up and we can get back to life as we knew it. Thing is, life as we knew it ‘sans puppy’ is over. Life with Beau is the way of the future. Good thing Beau has the natural ability to bring me back to the here and now. In the here and now is where the action is, where life is happening, good and bad. With Beau’s presence I am learning to pay attention to what’s going on around me and not thinking about what life will be like in some unknown, future time.

In one of the books I’ve been reading on raising a puppy the author says that if your puppy makes a mess in the house, don’t hit his nose with a newspaper. Instead, take that rolled up newspaper and hit yourself over the head. You’re the reason he just made that mess on the floor. You’re the reason your favourite Italian designer shoes got chewed up. Pay Attention! Take Care and above all, stay firm, consistent and aware at all times. There’s no such thing as a natural born bad puppy — there are only undisciplined owners who are unwilling to put in the time, with love and patience, to raise their puppy right.

Patience is essential in raising a puppy. Patience and consistency. Oh, and a kennel and lots of freeze-dried liver treats and toys and breathing. Ah yes, breathing. Deep calming breaths that remind me, no matter what’s happening around me, to stay calm and puppy on.

I’m puppying on. Like life, Beau reminds me that this is a joyful journey best taken with ample doses of exuberance, curiosity, laughter and, no matter what, love. Always love.


I will be writing in the days and weeks to come, not as consistently as in the past, but I will be here, and while I won’t always be writing about Beau the Warrior Pup, he will be appearing here a lot! I guarantee it. He’s a heart-stealing, soul invading warrior pup. And, he’s just so dang cute! 🙂

19 thoughts on “No matter what, always love. Tales of Beaumont”

  1. Thanks for this. Oh puppy time! I’ll stay in the moment. Good re-minder.

    Yours in Service, Judy Atkinson Office: 402-253-2023 Cell: 403-862-5654

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  2. He is so dang cute. Puppydom is so much fun, and challenging. I love the laughter that puppies bring with them. Sounds like you have learned the important parts about training.

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  3. Why are puppies so bloody cute…………………….I do like puppies if only they didn’t grow into annoying dogs………………..although my days of having a pet are over we travel to much and don’t have the time to really give a pet the attention they need

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    1. They do demand a lot of attention Joanne — fortunately for Beaumont, our daughters are quite willing to come and stay at the house when we’re away! 🙂 But then, they don’t have children yet so it makes life easier for them to do it!


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