If you can imagine it, you can make it so.

If yo

If you can imagine it, you can make it so. Turn the impossible into possibility. Get Creative!  (Art Journal. Apr 3, 2016)


Ten years ago, when I first walked into the Choices Seminar room, I could not imagine that I would still be walking into that room almost every month, excited to be part of miracles unfolding.

Ten years ago when I walked into that room. I was okay. My life was getting back on track. I’d spent 3 years healing from a devestating relationship that almost killed me and figured I was now doing okay.

Fact is. I was. Doing okay. I just had no idea how much more was possible than just ‘doing okay’.

Some of the things holding me back at that time (which I wasn’t really conscious of) was the fact I tended to look at the world through suspicious eyes. I tended not to trust that people really did want ‘the best’ for me. I tended not to believe people when they told me they loved me, or even liked me. I tended to walk on the outside of the circle, peering in, wishing and hoping I could be ‘normal’ or part of the group, but always holding myself back, just in case… I got hurt. I got ridiculed. I got rejected.

And here I am. Tend years later, about to walk into the Choices Seminar room once again, eager to experience the next five days of hearts opening wide to the wonder and awe of the magnificence of the human condition.

What a gift.

To have a place where I know, no matter what, I am loved. I am accepted. I am part of the circle. I am wanted and valued.

Ahhhh…. how my heart beats wildly free in the knowledge of feeling the thing I have always wanted to feel inside me. Safe.

Choices is a place where miracles happen. A place where hearts heal and lives change as people learn to let go of limiting beliefs and see the beauty of who they are truly are.


I am off to coach at Choices. Off to be immersed in healing and breathing into this amazing thing called LIFE.

I love it! Ten years ago I could not imagine the value I would find through Choices.

Yesterday, a beautiful woman I know had her birthday. It is because of her I went through Choices. I don’t think even she could have imagined what a gift she gave me. Thank you NR.

Have a great rest of your week. See you Monday/Tuesday next week.


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