Seek out the Beauty | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 22

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It is easy to get lost in the darkness of this world, to forget that lightness begets light. It is easy to see only the tragedies, the horrors, the seemingly escalating violence that ripples with such ferocity around the globe with every mass event of killing, that ever heart breaks as one.

Seek out the beauty.

Seek out the things that soothe your soul and lift your spirits.

To give into the darkness is to let go of hope.

Seek out the beauty.

See it in every flower, in the clear blue sky above, in the cloudy, stormy day nourishing earth with life-giving water.

See it in the face of a child, and the weary eyes of a homeless man panhandling for money.

See it in the gratitude you feel when you wave at the driver behind who let you merge, and in the wave of the driver you made room to merge in front of you.

See the beauty in all, and create beauty in all ways you experience your day.

Do not allow sarcasm, crude jokes and off-colour remarks be the measure of your ripple.

Do not let skepticism, criticism, condemnation and complaints mark your progress through your day.

Let only light, gentle humour, loving laughter, kind acts become your ripple.

Commit to living from the light for this day, and see what a difference it makes in the lightness of your heart, the smiles of those around you.

Seek out the beauty and let your heart shine.

9 thoughts on “Seek out the Beauty | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 22”

  1. yes, seek it out

    but don’t ignore the dark, the ugly, the negative

    each are part of our reality – and the dark won’t evaporate unless drowned in light …. no small or quick task

    greetings from afar

    Mark in DC


    1. Hope you are enjoying DC MArk — and getting to the Smithsonian as part of your visit!

      And… I agree. Seeking out the light is not about ignoring the dark — it is about consciously choosing not to share the darkness you find or see, but rather your light. Hugs


  2. This is a post with a powerful message, yet as I read it I wonder if the post is really a reflection of the inner conflict of the author. We cannot dismiss the negatives and critics, because it is such a part of who we are as humans.
    When we come from a place of “thou shalt not” there is often a different underlying message that wants to be heard right now. A message of forgiveness and understanding of the dark side that is within all of us. That critical comment or sarcasm that slipped out when we were feeling miserable or stressed …
    There cannot be light without dark. The dark must also be acknowledged.
    Listen with loving compassion and see beyond the words to what yearns for understanding and healing.
    I feel I may have overstepped a boundary here Louise. But truly believe that if we only seek the light, and dismiss the dark. the dark becomes more powerful.
    Hugs and love. xo


    1. There is truth in what you wonder Val — I do find the darkness in this world sad and disconcerting. What I want is to live in the light without fearing the darkness and to do that, I must know the darkness is there so that I can shine without fear. I am not counselling ignoring it — I am asking people to share light, not darkness. I agree, there cannot be light without dark — and the light shines brightest in the dark which is why it is so important we all shine as brightly as possible to ensure we do not create or contribute to the power of darkness to overcome the light so that we can understand, and heal, that which is broken.

      I don’t feel you overstepped a boundary Val. I read what you wrote through a loving and compassionate heart letting my curiosity create space for your words to reveal what I seek to understand. Like me, I believe you seek to create space that will intensify the light for others to see that they path to living without fearing the dark is through compassion and love. ❤

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  3. Hello, I am visiting from Mary’s blog. Wonderful post and advice. I do seek the beauty, feel grateful, think positive thoughts and share kindness. Have a happy day and week ahead!


    1. Thank you for droppin by Eileen! So lovely to ‘meet’ you here. I hope your day and week ahead are filled with light and opportunities to see the beauty in nature so you can share what you see through your photography!


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