Dare boldly.

Perhaps it is that I have run out of words, or maybe just energy. Perhaps my psyche is telling me I have nothing new to say, or that everything I’ve said stands as true today as it did when I wrote it. Perhaps it is just I need a change of pace. That in order to get a fitness routine cemented into my daily schedule, I need to make space in the morning and not leave it until after work when it’s easy to talk myself out of going to the gym.

Or maybe, it’s just time for a reboot, refresh, renew.

Whatever the reason, I’m looking at ways to refresh my blog. To refocus it so that it feels more organic to my daily life.

I have been writing a blog almost daily since March 2007. On that blog, Recover Your Joy, I wrote 1,730 posts.

I have been writing here at Dare Boldly, originally called, A Year of Making a Difference, since January 1, 2012, a total of 1,213 posts.

Which means, over the past 9 and a half years, I’ve published, 2,943 blogposts. If I break it down by an average of 700 words a post (which is probably short for me) I have written over 2 million words.

That’s a lot of words.

A lot of thoughts.

A lot of ideas.

Which raises the question for me — what’s my focus?

Originally, on my Recover Your Joy blog, my intent was to take every day situations and show people how to find the joy in everything. That included the many stories of homelessness I shared, the trials and tribulations of healing from life’s traumas, and the realities of being a single, working mother.

When I started A Year of Making a Difference, it was with the specific intent of figuring out how to make a difference ever day, even when I wasn’t working at a homeless shelter. It morphed into Dare Boldly in 2014 as I got clearer on what I wanted to inspire in other people’s lives, as well as my own: to  Dare Boldly. Live Bravely

It started as Dare Boldly after I wrote a poem called DARE and a dear friend, Max Ciesielski, sent me a track of music he wrote to go with the poem — and asked me to record it.

seasons of the heart retreat copyYou can hear it HERE.

That poem evolved from a painting and blessing I used to announce the new name of my blog, Dare Boldly, on January 1, 2014:
dare boldly 1 copy

And I continue to evolve.

All this means is that I am reassessing my online presence, the purpose of my writing here, the value of maintaining a daily schedule and the alternatives. It means in the coming weeks I probably won’t be appearing every weekday with any predictable schedule and it means, you’ll be seeing some changes as I adjust my theme, look, feel and direction.

It’s all good. All exciting. All important to me.

15 thoughts on “Dare boldly.

  1. hmm ….

    just moments before your post showed up in my in box this morning I had put a stamp on an envelope with your name on it – inside is a note to you and a suggestion – I’ll let the postal service deliver it to you slowly … it offers an answer to this question you’ve posed. Also, when you have time … lets chat about it and I’ll tell you what I’ve done recently to re-order my day: I’m now getting 7-8 hours of good sleep every night, accomplishing far more and writing more, better, and more effectively ..


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    • Marks, perhaps you can share what it is you have done to come to this place of sleeping better and accomplishing more…? Much appreciated. 🙂


      • V … a simple formula: about an hour before my target bedtime, lights-off, drapes pulled (I put the night light on the stove so I don’t crash into furniture), I have everything ‘cleared away and ready for my morning routine’ (meaning the coffee is ready to hit the on button, morning reading/writing is set out ready for me to sit, my vitamins, my ‘to do lists’ are printed and sitting next to my morning reading; then, about 1/2 hour before bedtime I make a cup of chamomile tea and sip it in the dark – then off to bed. No TV, no devices, not bright screens. I get a solid 7 to 8 hours a night now and wake energized and ready to hit the ground running with ‘everything prepared’. This might be a bit anal, but I find I’m far more productive and far more rested – so it is a double bonus. M.


  2. Good morning Louise…. I have enjoyed your blog just about daily, and am always moved to reflection by your use of words, thoughts and ideas…. It makes sense that you are ready for the next, whatever that is…. My insight today, which I want to share is that, I, as you, now have someone in my life on a daily basis that surrounds me with love, safety, caring and positive engagement (and many many other things!), and so I have slowly (over the last 5 years) evolved out of the many things that sustained me out of necessity….life continues to be a wonderful ever-changing tapestry each day…. I want to thank you for your gifts that you have shared with me and all of us who read your blog….Hugs….

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